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We Have A New Cream Charger Sales Program, Are You Interested In Joining?
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We Have A New Cream Charger Sales Program, Are You Interested In Joining?

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We Have A New Cream Charger Sales Program, Are You Interested In Joining?

1. The development trend of cream charger

As the cream charger industry has advanced, so has the demand for the product.
After the launch of the 580G Cream Charger in 2019, customer perceptions of the Cream Charger have changed.
The Cream Charger is no longer a small 8G cylinder. The new innovative model solves the problem of constantly changing the cream charger. Not only does it save a lot of time, but it also saves effort and hassle.

The cream charger industry has gone through a variety of spec advancements. As you can see, customers prefer larger cream chargers. Nevertheless, bigger is not always better.

I take the development of C02 cartridges as an example. In 1954, crosman company launched a C02 cartridge called Powerlet as a power for air guns. Subsequently, in order to meet the market demand, 88g and 90g co2 ink cartridges were successively launched, and finally the Refillable C02 Tank appeared, which was extended to the entire C02 market in a very short period of time, and was recognized by customers. The reason why the volume of the ink cartridges has not been increased is because too large ink cartridges are not conducive to carrying and use. I think the same is true for the development trend of cream chargers.

The cream charger that is too large is inconvenient to use, and the future trend seems to be "sustainable filling". When I search for N20 keywords, the news that often comes up is the recycling of cream chargers, "Extensive littering in public places, causing pain to the community" Similar headlines or content, the waste of resources and the pollution of the environment have caused troubles in many countries.

A reusable cream charger that benefits both customers and dealers. Customers will have their own exclusive N2O tank, which can be sent directly to the dealer after use. And the dealer only needs to pay the gas cost and labor cost to sell a "brand new" N2O tank. This saves total costs and garners a large number of loyal customers.

Next, please take your precious time to learn about our company's products. For your convenience, I have attached the catalog and article links. You can choose the content you are interested in to read.

2. Products

     2.1 Product Introduction And Operation Video

     2.2 Compared With Traditional 580g Products And Market Advantages

      2.4 Sales Strategy And Market Research

      2.5 Customer Success Cases

3. Product Supply System Slanning

     3.1 Supply Recovery And Deposit System

Customer Buys ALIZEEGAS

Supply recovery and deposit system (2)

Customer Pays ALIZEEGAS Deposit

Supply recovery and deposit system (1)

     3.2 Wholesale

ALIZEEGAS can be wholesaled to secondary agents, but the secondary agents must buy out the N2O tank, while they can OEM the appearance of the cylinder at will and make a N20 tank of their own. About the price, you can give some discounts to secondary agents, so that you can get a long-term partner and save a lot of trouble.  

     3.3 VIP expansion service (condition:the purchase amount reaches a certain amount)

Free website building


- Statistical website historical data to adjust the quantity of 50L N20 cans purchased next time.

- It is convenient to manage customer data, customers can directly fill in the standard form to place an order through the website, which is convenient for inspection and management.

- Detailed shipping and recycling terms are written on the website, which is convenient for customers to check.

- The website URL can be printed on the N2O tank sticker to increase publicity and promotion.

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