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Top Choice Cream Charger Wholesale Brands & Manufacturer of 2023
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Top Choice Cream Charger Wholesale Brands & Manufacturer of 2023

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Top Choice Cream Charger Wholesale Brands & Manufacturer of 2023

As the global impact of the novel coronavirus is gradually decreasing, the development trend of all industries is gradually improving. 2023 is a year worth fighting for people engaged in various industries, of course, including the cream charger wholesale industry, early 2023 is the peak season for purchasing.

As the popularity of large size cream charger continues to rise, there will be a large number of large size cream charger brands on the market in 2023. In the following content, I will introduce the popularity of these brands and products in detail, hoping to help you in your choice.

(The 8g cream charger market is mature, and I'm sure you already know which brands are more suitable for sale in your own country, so I won't go into details.)

smartwhip logo


As the flagship brand of Rainbow Commerce Company, the popularity of Smartwhip is beyond doubt. The successful marketing and product quality make smartwhip 

successfully occupy a large number of market shares in the UK and other European countries. Since 2022, the global search popularity of its brand has even surpassed that of the product subject term "Cream Charger".

Semrush smartwhip search trend

According to the latest Semrush keyword search data, Smartwhip's monthly search volume is 36.4k, with major search branches in several countries including the UK, the US and Canada.


Smartwhip 615g Cream ChargerSmartwhip 615g Cream Charger

The Smartwhip brand's flagship product, which is also the best-selling product in the market, has been upgraded from 580g to 35g more nitrous oxide per cylinder than the original.

Smartwhip Silver Aluminum 640g Cream Charger CylinderSmartwhip Silver Aluminum 640g Cream Charger Cylinder

The latest product from the Smartwhip brand is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it 50% lighter than normal cylinders and is resistant to corrosion and rust, ensuring the purest taste of nitrous oxide. Unlike welded cylinders, smartwhip Silver is an integral stretch molding with higher working pressure inside the bottle and can be filled with 640g N2O for the same size

Smartwhip Flavored Cream Charger Aluminium Cylinder 640gSmartwhip Flavored Cream Charger Aluminium Cylinder 640g

Smartwhip USA's newly released aluminum Cylinder with flavor. As the popularity of flavored cream charger continues to rise, more and more customers begin to like flavored nitrous oxide products. Combining the best features of Smartwhip silver, this product allows you to enjoy the purest fruity flavor N2O.

cream deluxe logo

Cream Deluxe

Although Cream deluxe and smartwhip come from the same company, as another popular brand of Rainbow Commerce, their market segments and usage scenarios are different. The marketing of smartwhip was more focused on the UK, while Cream deluxe sold well in Spain, France and other countries. The simple and clean product appearance design of Smartwhip is very suitable for use in the kitchen, while the luxurious psychedelic appearance design and brand positioning of Cream deluxe are more suitable for use in bars and parties.

Semrush Cream deluxe Search trend

According to the latest Semrush keyword search data, Smartwhip's monthly search volume is 12.1k, with the main search branch in several countries including Spain, the United Kingdom and France.


As brands owned by the same company, Cream deluxe and smartwhip have almost the same product specifications, the only difference is that Cream deluxe has launched a Maxxi 2000g cream charger.

Cream deluxe 640g Cream ChargerCream deluxe 640g Cream Charger

Cream Deluxe Gold 640g Cream ChargerCream Deluxe Gold 640g Cream Charger

Cream deluxe Maxxi 2000g Cream ChargerCream deluxe Maxxi 2000g Cream Charger

fastgas logo


Fastgas is the main brand of Global Catering Supplies BV. Since its launch in 2021, fastgas has rocketed in popularity, surpassing most Cream Charger brands in just over two years. By the end of 2022, the fastgas brand has launched a new World Cup limited edition and strawberry flavor products. The brand is constantly innovating and improving, and I believe it will be even more popular in the future.

Semrush fastgas search trends

According to the latest Semrush keyword search data, Smartwhip's monthly search volume is 20.3k, with major search branches in several countries including the UK, Sweden and Ireland.


Fastgas 615g Cream ChargerFastgas 615g Cream Charger

Fastgas is a popular product under the brand, and has been upgrading the product appearance and cylinder quality. The QR code on the product can make it easy for customers to contact the official personnel to solve any problems.

Fastgas 640g Cream chargerFastgas 640g Cream Charger

The 615g cream charger is an upgrade with almost the same appearance. The thickness of the cylinder and the increased pressure inside the cylinder allow it to fill 640g N2O, which is more convenient to use in various occasions.

Fastgas 640g Strawberry Cream ChargerFastgas 640g Strawberry Cream Charger

Each cylinder is filled with 99.99% E942 food grade nitrous oxide mixed with edible strawberry molecules. The ratio is carefully adjusted by professionals to easily create strawberry flavored cream!

Fastgas 2kg Cream ChargerFastgas 2000g Cream Charger

This product is made of 3.3L steel cylinder. For the convenience of carrying, plastic handles are installed on the cylinder. Sufficient N2O and intimate design allow you to enjoy the party.

exoticwhip logo

Exotic Whip

Exotic whip is also a popular brand by Global Catering Supplies BV, and unlike Fastgas, its product positioning was distinctive from the start. Marketed as a tropical fruit-flavored cream charger, Exotic whip has successfully introduced Exotic fruit-flavored N2O Tank to the market.

Semrush Exotic whip search trends

According to the latest Semrush keyword search data, Smartwhip's monthly search volume is 4k, with major search branches in several countries including Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.


Exotic whip 640g Cream ChargerExotic whip 640g Cream Charger

The unique cylinder appearance and tropical leaf design make it easy to remember this product, and the accompanying flavor drops allow you to cook different flavors of cream or cocktails according to your preferences.

Alizee Gas factory produces smartwhip, fastgas, cream deluxe Cream charger brands

Everyone's preferences are different, and each brand has its most suitable country and market. I hope the above brand introduction and search data can help you to choose the most suitable brand to sell if you plan to engage in the wholesale industry of cream charger.

Of course, there is another important issue with wholesale cream chargers - choosing a good manufacturer.

When choosing a manufacturer, you will face many problems, such as long lead time, poor product quality, unclean gas, poor after-sales service, etc. These problems will have a great impact on your business.

Alizee Gas, as a leading supplier of empty aluminum and carbon steel cylinders for many well-known brands and a pioneer of fruity-flavored cream chargers in China, has the most complete product specifications for cream chargers and a professional R&D and production department for flavored cream chargers, capable of providing the best service and products for every cream charger wholesaler.


Customer Service:

- Alizee Gas has its own product design department with the ability to provide product customization services free of charge.

- If it is the first time to import cream chargers, Alizee Gas will share the experience of customs clearance in each country and make it available

Effectively help you clear the customs.

Delivery cycle:

- Multiple semi-automated production lines and year-round cooperative transportation companies can complete production and deliver goods in time.

- Customers can request production video at any time to monitor the production progress in real time

Product quality:

- Each cylinder will be cleaned three times after production, free of industrial oil stains

- Fill with food grade nitrous oxide extracted from ammonium nitrate to ensure gas purity ≥99.99%

- Air leakage test will be carried out after product production to ensure that there will be no air leakage problem in each product received by customers.

After-sales service:

- In the event of product quality problems, Alizee Gas undertakes, upon verification, to compensate at market prices and to grant preferential compensation for subsequent purchases

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