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ALIZEEGAS Sales Strategy and Market Research Conducted
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ALIZEEGAS Sales Strategy and Market Research Conducted

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ALIZEEGAS Sales Strategy and Market Research Conducted

Market situation:

Presently, the 8g cream charger has existed for more than 10 years, and with the launch of the 580g cream charger, the 8g cream charger has gradually been unable to meet people's use.But the 580g has too many product defects that cannot be changed, as well as rigid problems of transportation and customs clearance. As a result, the repurchase rate of 580g is lower than 15%. So this is the perfect time to sell ALIZEEGAS.


ALIZEEGAS will send buyers 3D promotional video, promotional color pages, and usage guidelines, ALIZEE International Trade Co., Ltd
It will also carry out advertising coverage and traffic push on Google and Facebook to help customers with publicity. Festive sets are released regularly.

Consumer groups and regions:
Alizeewhip's audience is youth, restaurant workers, drink shops, dessert shops, bars, entertainment clubs, party crowds and dentists. ALIZEEGAS is very suitable for the existing flash delivery and takeaway models, which does not need to have a physical storefront. It can also release products and find potential customers through personal homepages such as whatsapp, facebook, forums and real-time chat tools.

ALIZEE International Trade Co., Ltd will also provide buyers with existing customers and potential customers of ALIZEEGAS (customers from ALIZEE official website messages and existing customer groups).

Sales model (recommended):
ALIZEEGAS can use gas cylinders as fixed assets in the sales process and give them to customers for free, and use the deposit or credit model to let customers return the gas cylinders after use, refill them and then sell them for a second time, and get a large number of repurchase orders.

The(gas)pricing of ALIZEEGAS can refer to the price of the local 580g cream charger and the price of 78*8g cream charger, as the convenience and operability of ALIZEEGAS can be more cost-effective than these two types of products at the same price.  

The cost of 1L of N2O gas is about 2 to 3.3 US dollars, so ALIZEEGAS has a high profit and a very flexible pricing range, which can also adopt a pre-sales preferential strategy. ALIZEEGAS has a great advantage in wholesale sales. The traditional 580g and 8g cream chargers are because Due to its high comprehensive cost and customs clearance risk, it cannot face large wholesale orders and people with a very high repurchase rate. And ALIZEEGAS can perfectly cover these groups because of its market characteristics (introduced in the market advantage article).

ALIZEEGAS has subverted the cream charger industry and stripped the cost of the cylinder of cream chargers. As a fast-moving consumable, the cost of the cream charger has always been a common problem, while the emergence of ALIZEEGAS can reduce the cost of investment and greatly improve the sales profit.

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