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Top 4 Best 580g Cream Charger Tank 2022 | Alizee Gas Blog
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Top 4 Best 580g Cream Charger Tank 2022 | Alizee Gas Blog

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Top 4 Best 580g Cream Charger Tank 2022

Which 580g cream charger is the best on the market right now? We created this guide to help you make the best choice

The cream charger was originally a small compressed gas cylinder containing about 8g of nitrous oxide. Because N2O easily dissolves into the cream and can prevent the cream from oxidizing, it has always been the best product for whipping cream. Later, because of the anesthetic properties of nitrous oxide, it was used as a recreational drug by some people, and the cream charger was also called whippits, whippets, nos, nossies or nangs by these users.

The 8g cream charger has been around for years and has been a mainstream product in the cream charger market. Well-known brands such as mosa, isi, whipit, bestwhip have always been the best-selling brands in the oil charger market, occupying the vast majority of the market.

2019 was a year of change for the cream charger industry, Dutch company Rainbow Commerce BV has launched a new product - Smartwhip 580g cream charger, which is hitting the market with a fast-paced, efficient, cost-effective and innovative system Soon after, it was loved by a large number of customers.

In 2022, 580g cream chargers have become mainstream products in the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and other countries, and a large number of brands have emerged. With so many brands out there, how do you choose? Here I summarize 4 top brands of 580g cream chargers for everyone. (The four brands are ranked in no particular order)


1. Smartwhip

Smartwhip is a registered brand of Rainbow Commerce BV, a Dutch company. 

615G Cream Charge r

Smartwhip is the first 580g cream charger developed and successfully promoted. Its production quality has been controlled very well, and you can buy it with confidence. The company purchases empty cans from China and fills them with food-grade N2O after transporting them to the Netherlands. Each smartwhip 580g cream charger top needle valve is rigorously tested at the time of production, perfectly matching the plastic nozzle or pressure regulating valve, there will be no air leakage problems.

It is worth mentioning that Smartwhip has now launched a 615g cream charger. The tank of the same size is additionally filled with 35G pure food-grade nitrous oxide. Whether you use it yourself or do wholesale from a distributor, it is a good choice.

2. Fastgas

Fastgas comes from Global Catering Supplies BV, also a Dutch company that also operates the MagicWhip brand. 

Fastgas 615G Cream Charger

You can trust the Fastgas cream charger produced by the professional cream charger company. Fastgas is compatible with almost all whipped cream dispensers. Each tank contains sufficient N2O and has no chemical taste. You can search the word of mouth of the product before buying. , don't be stingy with your search!

Fastgas has grown rapidly in the cream charger industry with high quality products and beautifully designed boxes and stickers after its launch.
The marketing and promotion of Fastgas is very successful. In 2022, Fastgas 580g/615g cream charger has become the top brand in the large-size cream charger industry and has a large number of fans. Fastgas is a great choice if you're going into the cream charger business! By the way, Fastgas' new packaging is really nice!

3. Cream Deluxe

Cram Deluxe Cream Charger and Smartwhip are brands of the same company, and the quality of the products is almost the same, so I won't comment too much on the quality of the products. 

Cream Deluxe 615G Cream Charger

From the product name, you can see that this product is the main luxury style, the brand recently launched a new product Cream Deluxe Gold. Although the capacity and volume have not changed, it is also a 615g cream charger, but it is made of seamless aluminum cylinders like Smartwhip Silver. The raised design of the bottle mouth makes the thimble valve more firm and reliable, because it is an aluminum cylinder, and it weighs about 50% less than a regular 615g cream charger, and the overall appearance of the Tank is smooth and has no welding ports. 

If you are a luxury style person who pays attention to the appearance of products, then Cream Deluxe Gold will be your best choice.

4. InfusionMax

InfusionMax is a brand of Commerce Enterprises Pty. Ltd., a well-known Australian hospitality products company. 

InfusionMax 580G Cream Charger

You may not be familiar with this company, but you must have heard of the company's well-known cream charger brand: Quickwhip. 

As a well-known distributor of 8g cream chargers, the company's InfusionMax 580g cream chargers are very popular in the United States, Australia and other countries. When it comes to product quality issues, InfusionMax's customer reviews on Amazon's platform speak for themselves.

There are many brands (manufacturers) to choose from in the cream charger industry at present, and cream chargers in the market also come from multiple manufacturers and countries, and they all have different quality control standards. You can't see the inside of each tank when choosing a Cream Charger tank, so there's no way to know which brands will give you the cleanest, best quality product. When faced with many choices, a well-known brand recognized by everyone is a very good choice whether it is purchased individually or as a distributor.

In order to give you a more intuitive and detailed understanding of these four brands and help you make the best choice, I used the authoritative SEO tool Semrush to investigate the monthly searches of these four cream chargers around the world and which countries are the most popular.





Cream Deluxe

Cream Deluxe



Hopefully this article can help you choose the best 580g cream charger for you!

PS: If you plan to engage in the wholesale business of cream chargers, and are looking for a manufacturer with competitive prices and quality assurance, Alizee Gas, which is an OEM for Smartwhip and Fastgas, is a good choice. Each cylinder has been cleaned three times and carefully selected. High-quality food-grade nitrous oxide is filled, if you are interested in learning more, you can check the Alizee Gas factory video.

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