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Cream Charger Import Guide
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Cream Charger Import Guide

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Cream Charger Import Guide

With the global economic downturn in 2022 due to the ongoing pandemic, many industries are struggling and more and more people are being forced to switch careers, take up other businesses or start side businesses to increase their profits. With the increasing demand for cream chargers in the global market, many entrepreneurs have set their sights on the cream charger industry. If you are working in the cream charger industry for the first time, check out my article: "Cream Chargers Wholesale Guide 2022"

However, many countries where cream chargers are popular do not have a cream charger factory (such as the UK), and entrepreneurs who are just starting out in the wholesale cream charger industry find it difficult to get direct sales prices from manufacturers, and almost always purchase from distributors of various brands. This results in both your price and your inventory being controlled by the distributor, which is very disadvantageous. If you want to expand your business, you need to bypass distributors and import cream chargers directly from factories in other countries. Here I summarize some problems about the import and selection of cream charger products, hoping to help you.

How to import cream charger?

First of all, customs clearance is the most concerned issue, each country's customs regulations on cream charger are different, here in the UK for example, if you want to import cream charger, you must have a food company or supermarket in the UK that has paid tax for one year, in order to be used for food purposes for imported cream charger.

And in the annual July to December is the UK cream charger sales season, the UK customs on the cream charger inspection is more strict. During this period, I suggest full container load import, Because during the peak season, there is a risk of cargoes impoundment by customs on imported 1 Pallet. Which cause property damage. The specific reason is that the cream charger contains gas, which belongs to the list of dangerous goods according to the regulations of the shipping company. It can't be loaded in the same container with other cargoes, and it can't be transported on a pallet in normal declaration.

Imported cream chargers to Australia need to be used for medical purposes for imported cream chargers. And the United States, Sweden, New Zealand and other countries do not have these special requirements, it is easier to import.

At this point, you may think that the import of the cream charger is troublesome and risky. In fact, it is not. As long as you understand the import regulations of the country and can meet the import conditions, you can smoothly receive the goods. If you do not have these conditions, also can find a local customs clearance company, pay some commission to them, they can help you solve the problem.

How to choose the best cream charger?

The cream charger produced by each factory is different, and there is a gap in sealing and gas purity. But it's hard to tell whether the cream charger is good or bad from the outside, as they almost all look the same.

Before purchasing, you need to know the purity of the nitrous oxide gas used in the factory and whether it is food grade and whether it is extracted through the use of heated ammonium nitrate. In order to save money, some small factories will buy raw nitrous oxide gas extracted from industrial exhaust gas and fill it to make cream chargers.

Differences between food grade nitrous oxide and industrial grade nitrous oxide

Food grade nitrous oxide

Food-grade nitrous oxide is obtained by heating ammonium nitrate at approximately 250 °C, breaking it down into nitrous oxide and water vapor, and then extracting it. Nitrous oxide extracted by heating ammonium nitrate is the purest, without any industrial odors.

Food grade nitrous oxide

Industrial grade nitrous oxide

Industrial grade nitrous oxide is made by extracting industrial exhaust fumes. This nitrous oxide has an industrial oil taste and can cause headaches when consumed. This type of nitrous oxide is of electron grade and of low purity, and is mainly used in industrial markets.

Sealing of Cylinder

8g cream charger because the sealing technology has been very perfect, so there will be no air leakage problem, here I take 580g cream charger for example.

Sealing of Cylinder Sealing of Cylinder

When you import a batch of 580g cream chargers, these goods may be transported by sea for 20-30 days after the completion of production and delivery. After you receive the goods, you will still store them in the warehouse, so they will not be sold out in the first time. If the cylinder is not properly sealed and leaks air during this time, your customer may receive a cylinder with 70% gas or less after purchase. This will have a big impact on your sales and word of mouth.

Where can import a best cream charger?

Alizee Gas has been engaged in the cream charger industry for 12 years, and has always believed that: the interests of distributors = the interests of the factory, we must stand in the perspective of distributors to improve the products and services.

At present, we have long-term cooperation agents in the UK, the United States, Australia, Sweden and other countries. Our Smartwhip, Fastgas and Mosa are well received by customers.

9g Cream Charger924110644

Recently we have introduced new products: 9g cream charger and 640g cream charger

For the same price, each cream charger provides an additional 1 gram of pure food-grade nitrous oxide. If you buy 8 pieces of 9g cream charger, you will receive an additional 8g cream charger.

In addition, we have upgraded the cylinder and gas filling equipment. We can fill 640g of food-grade nitrous oxide in a cylinder of the same size, which greatly improves the product competitiveness of our distributors.

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