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About Distributor-Alizee Gas Co., LTD | Blog

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About Distributor-Alizee Gas Co., LTD.


At first we were dedicated to being transporters of face cream charger.Subsequently , we wanted to expand our business until founding the Alizee Gas Co., LTD.

In the next sections, we are going to tell you something such as the process of acquiring the company itself, the basic principles, the countries of expansion of our product, among other options.


2-Alizee Gas founded.

All that process that must be followed to acquire all these products was very difficult. This is because the purchase price of these products is very high and the initial profit is very low. On the other hand, at the beginning, the quality of these products was very unstable. This has to do with the fact that sometimes there were certain residues, empty bottles, the possibility of poor packaging. With all this, the difficulty of promoting and selling these products, together with other problems, as I say that arise at the beginning.

After encountering this, we decided to produce other products. This is the foundation of Alizee Gas Co., LTD.

3-Alizee Distributor Development.

The first distributors came from the United Kingdom. This person was an entrepreneur who did not have any type of client portfolio or even a channel to be able to get in touch with them. After that, After working together for several months, the products are chosen for purchase. So a good option is to advertise or recommend the products in the UK in some way to be able to sell our products related to face cream charger. With all this process in view, it has been concluded that to achieve success in all this, energy and money must be put into improving the service to be able to have a good presentation to our potential clients. This will make more and more distributors trust us and can supply their customers with these products. In this way, we will get those distributors also, to make monthly purchases that are more or less regular.Thus , we can look forward and be able to increase production until we reach today.

We have expanded with distributors from other countries such as Australia, France, Spain, the United States, France, and Germany, taking into account the same working method for cooperation with them. With all of them, we are going to improve the quality of these products and the service process so that both the quantity and the delivery can be ensured and that the quality of the order is at the maximum at all times with that distributor Distributors have needs that are very simple to be able to supply our customers. It is enough to meet the reasonable requirements, like everything we have mentioned above. In normal conditions, these distributors already have a portfolio of clients in their countries, so the quality of the product, the transport, and its packaging have to be in the best conditions. since they will have bad press and will not be able to sell the products and therefore hence not cooperate with us anymore.


4-Alizee Gas's commitment to distributors.

All Alizee brand products have basic principles, they are the following

-Ensure that the price of the product will be reasonable for high quality, so the lowest price will be bought depending on the quality.

-The delivery time can be implemented for each client. This is something that will be structured.

-Follow the procedure that has to do with cleaning and the gas content of cylinders strictly.

-When we are within the cooperation cycles, the price will not increase.

-We will monitor every money that comes from the client.

We must avoid certain problems that we did not like when we used to distribute. These problems do not need to be in the same area. We are dedicated to solving these problems for the distributor himself, something that is a good quality that a factory must-have. Thanks to all this, I hope that each distributor who wants to work with us can find the products that are right for you. We look forward to continuing to work together.

Alizee Gas Co., LTD. is very grateful to all those distributors who believe in our company.



To face all this expansion that we have been having lately, we must point out certain characteristics that have been important in our expansion through Europe, Oceania, and the United States, are the following:

-The company: first of all, we take care of producing everything that we distribute. We have a factory and manufacturing brand that you can work with for many brands. We also offer several options that are famous around the world.

-Quality: all the products we sell have a certification that guarantees the highest quality, such as the CE, and in China, they have passed several quality tests that allow them to be sold all over the world without having any problem.

-Products: We have a lot of products for sale which are outstanding ones. They are CO2 Cartridge and MOSA, ISI Fruiti cream charger and OEM brand. These products have the best guarantee in terms of quality and prices.


We are expanding so that our brand can cover all parts of the world. We will guarantee that whether it is your own OEM brand, or other brands will be your favorite. We will win on quality and above all on price. In conclusion, if you want to be our agent, do not hesitate to contact us.

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