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Best-selling Cream Charger Specifications and Development Trends in 2023
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Best-selling Cream Charger Specifications and Development Trends in 2023

Views: 667     Author: Alizee Gas International Trading Co. Ltd     Publish Time: 2023-05-08      Origin: Site

Best-selling Cream Charger Specifications and Development Trends in 2023

The introduction of Smartwhip’s large-capacity cream charger tank in 2019 has led to faster product research and development among manufacturers. As a result, various new products like the 615g, 640g, and 2000g have been released.

The higher the N2O content of the product, the more convenient it is to use. But when the product develops to a 2000g specification, it already weighs 5.6kg. If the product size continues to increase, it may not have a good user experience.

Therefore, distributors began to target product appearance and user experience, and developed products based on product appearance and N2O gas taste, successively launching beautiful and lightweight 640g aluminum cylinders and fruit-flavored N2O tanks.

Smartwhip silverCream deluxe gold 640g Aluminum Cylinder

640g Aluminum Cylinder:

Compared with steel cylinders, aluminum cylinders are the most suitable containers for nitrous oxide. First of all, they will not rust, so you can taste the purest N2O. Secondly, aluminum cylinders are produced by direct stretching and seamless technology, with high internal pressure and light weight, which greatly improves the user experience.

Best-selling 640g aluminum cylinder products:

Smartwhip Silver cylinder

· Smartwhip silver

Cream deluxe gold 640g

· Cream deluxe gold

These two products are from the same company and are also the first brand to launch aluminum cylinders. It is worth mentioning that due to the very good market feedback of Smartwhip silver, the smartwhip brand has discontinued the 615g steel cylinder product and focused on producing aluminum cylinders. The product quality and promotion heat are the best, and it is a very good choice for those engaged in the cream charger wholesale industry.

SmartwhipFastgas Strawberry Flavor 640g

Fruit Flavor N2O Cylinder:

Fruit-flavored cream chargers have actually appeared on the market a long time ago. Alizee Gas is the first company in China to produce fruit-flavored 8g cream chargers. The market response of fruit-flavored N2O has always been very good. Nitrous oxide combined with carefully blended fruit flavor molecules can make users easily taste rich fruit-flavored whipped cream.

Best-selling Fruit flavor N2O cylinder products:

Smartwhip Strawberry Flavor 640g Aluminium Cylinder

· Smartwhip Strawberry Flavor 640g Aluminium Cylinder

The latest product launched by the smartwhip brand, there are four products: watermelon, blueberry, strawberry and original flavor. Lightweight and beautiful, this product perfectly plays the advantages of aluminum material, and you can experience the impact of pure fruit-flavored N2O on your taste buds.

Fastgas 640G Strawberry Nitrous oxide Cylinder

· Fastgas 640G Strawberry Nitrous oxide Cylinder

A well-known brand Fastgas launched a product with three flavors: strawberry, coconut and original flavor. Although it uses a steel cylinder, the N2O flavor after careful blending and multiple tests has a better taste than other products. The quality and publicity of this product are also very good.

As a person who has been engaged in the cream charger industry for 10 years, I have been paying attention to and researching the development of the cream charger industry. As the industry matures gradually, price is no longer the key to competition among distributors.

Just like when smartwhip just launched the 580g cream charger, many distributors did not think highly of this product. By the time the product was selling well, the market share had been occupied by other distributors.

I hope that after reading this article, you can pay more attention to the several aluminum cylinders and fruit-flavored cream charger tanks I recommended, occupy the market share of cream charger wholesale as soon as possible, and do business better.

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