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Advantages of ALIZEEGAS over traditional 580g cream chargers
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Advantages of ALIZEEGAS over traditional 580g cream chargers

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Advantages Of ALIZEEGAS Over Traditional 580g Cream Chargers

Products advantages on material

The material of the 580g cream charger is carbon steel, while carbon steel will be oxidized and rusted by air or water during long-term storage, so impurities will be found during the use of the 580g cream charger. This causes contamination of the gas.

The material of ALIZEEGAS is aluminum alloy, which will not rust in the environment of water and humidity, which is an internal planing process inside the gas cylinder to ensure the cleanliness of the gas cylinder and no residual impurities.

Products advantages on manufacturing process

The 580 cream charger is a welded gas cylinder, and the welding seam can be clearly seen, which causes the low pressure bearing capacity inside the gas cylinder, and there is a hidden danger of explosion in a fierce collision. The existence of gaps in the welding seam also directly leads to the air leakage of the gas cylinder. 

Based on the reaction of most markets, there is air leakage in the 580g cream chargers of different brands. 

According to EU regulations, the welded gas cylinders are not allowed to be refilled, can only be discarded after one-time use, which also causes waste of resources and environmental pollution.

ALIZEEGAS is a seamless aluminum alloy bottle, and the product adopts an integral forging process, one-time forming. There are no welding points and voids, which increases the strength and air tightness of the gas cylinder, and no air leakage occurs. The plasticity of the aluminum alloy also ensures that the gas cylinder reduces the risk of bursting when it is impacted. This also complies with the EU's requirement that repeatable gas cylinders be seamless.

Products advantages on use

When 580g Cream charger uses plastic nozzle (working), it often occurs due to excessive pressure in the bottle, causing frostbite (the temperature of the gas in liquefaction is -86 degrees) and the dangerous point of continuous spraying of liquefied gas. If you want to decompress the liquefied gas in the bottle, you also need to buy a 720g pressure reducing valve worth $30. This makes it necessary to pay a higher price for a better experience.

Each bottle of ALIZEEGAS is equipped with a valve and a pressure reducing device. The valve can better control the flow and is more convenient to operate. The pressure reducing device with ALIZEEGAS can reduce the pressure in the gas cylinder from 5.5mpa to 0.3mpa, Risks such as frostbite are avoided. and the effective control of flow also allows ALIZEEGAS to use longer than traditional 580g.

Products advantage on its weight

The weight of the 580g gas cylinder is 2.1 to 2.3kg (without gas), which is very inconvenient to carry and use. It also increases the transportation cost.

The weight of ALIZEEGAS's gas cylinder is only 60% of the traditional 580g weight, which is lighter, and the slender design of the gas cylinder is easier to carry and hold. This also reduces shipping costs.

Products advantages on use

The 580g plastic base often causes the cylinder to stand unstable due to the mutual accumulation of goods and the characteristics of plastic parts, so that unwanted results and over infusions might occur during use.

If the 580g small metal valve thimble is improperly transported, accidental collision will cause failure and easy air leakage, and the internal valve is not strong, it needs to be gentle when using plastic nozzles.

The base of ALIZEEGAS is an integral part of the gas cylinder without other plastic parts, and the bottom is stable and easy to place. Shakes and falls will not be sent without external force.

Each ALIZEEGAS is equipped with a removable custom valve, which is beautiful and strong, meanwhile the unique appearance and one-piece design make it safe to use even in the event of an accidental collision.

Products advantage on procurement cost

The biggest problem of 580g cream charger comes from the waste of funds and the long procurement and delivery cycle, and the minimum purchase quantity of 580g is usually 8640 pieces, which requires a lot of start-up capital.

The minimum order quantity of ALIZEEGAS is 540 pieces, which takes up very little capital, so that the capital can be recycled and can bring more intuitive profits.

Products advantages on procurement cycle and customs clearance

Purchasing 580g cream chargers from Asia needs to wait for 45 days to reach the coast of the destination country. When customs clearance, they will face the customs clearance restrictions of different countries and the verification of the tariff market protection mechanism. 

Such as:

Australia (Needs to purchase this product as a medical product.)

New Zealand (Needs to have a sales background and address restrictions in the food market, According to the characteristics of the goods.)

United States (Will face the problem of delivery of goods after arrival at the port,  as well as the problem of detention in the warehouse of the destination port.)

United Kingdom (Will conduct background checks on imported goods of some customers according to the Nitrous Oxide Import Act, and there is a great risk of seizure and destruction.)

ALIZEEGAS purchases only need to wait for one purchase cycle because when ALIZEEGAS arrives it only takes one day to inflate. The reusable nature of ALIZEEGAS makes it unnecessary for buyers to wait for a long procurement cycle again during the second sale. It only needs one day of refilling, and it can be sold twice or more. Just one day.

Because the ALIZEEGAS does not contain gas, it is only imported as the most basic metal can, which makes the purchase of this goods will not face any problems and time delays at the customs office.

Products sales advantage

Buyers need to spend a lot of money and time each time they purchase, they cannot replenish the inventory of goods in time, and they cannot accurately estimate the purchase volume. It often results in out-of-stocks in peak seasons and backlogs in off-seasons.

After obtaining ALIZEEGAS, you can purchase gas raw materials (99.5% to 99.9% nitrous oxide gas raw materials) in the destination city, and you only need to pay the gas raw material cost of 580g nitrous oxide (about 2 to 3.3 US dollars).

In the sales process, merchants can inflate according to their own sales, and the purchase quantity of the traditional 580g cream charger = the sales quantity. 

And ALIZEEGAS has the characteristics of refilling, which can recycle the gas cylinder and refill it. ALIZEEGAS sales quantity = 580g cream charger *N

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