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Successful Case (Cooperation Case)
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Successful Case (Cooperation Case)

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Successful Case (Cooperation Case)

This is a real case where we grow and progress together with our dealers, and Alizee is happy to go through with our dealers. We hope to have a long-term friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation with every dealer.

In August 2021, ALIZEEGAS is still in the final testing stage and has not yet released the product. Supan, a customer from Thailand who contacted us, he truly wanted to engage in the cream charger industry, but he faced a problem, that is, according to the regulations of Thai customs, Cream chargers must be imported as food additives and require FDA certification, as the cream charger contains oxygen monoxide, it needs to be transported by dangerous goods containers and dangerous goods vehicles.

Alizee International Trading Co., Ltd has CE and ISO certification, but few companies have FDA certification (Because most countries import cream chargers do not need FDA), we are pleased to cooperate with customers to apply for FDA, but it takes 3 months to apply for FDA time, and August is the peak season for the Thai cream charger market. This frustrated him, we told Supan ALIZEEGAS about this product in advance and he was very interested, which solves the problem of importing and transporting goods. While he is still a little worried, because he has never sold cream chargers, and he does not have many customers and experience. We introduced and analyzed the market for Su Pan, and provided some sales skills. A lot of materials are prepared (we will prepare these for all clients), which gives him great confidence that he hopes to build his long-term business in Bangkok, Thailand, rather than a short-term one. ALIZEEGAS this product met his requirements.

Because it has never been in the cream charger industry, Supan purchased 900 bottles of ALIZEEGAS for its first order. He contacted the gas supplier. Bought 20 bottles of 50L nitrous oxide ingredients at 6,500 baht ($200) per bottle on account of we helped Supan calculate that 20 bottles of nitrous oxide ingredients can fill 900 bottles of ALIZEEWHIP. This is in line with his sales expectations. In order to get familiar with the gas filling process, Supan hoped that we could airlift two samples to him in advance, so that he could prepare and try in advance, we sent the samples and filling equipment to Supan's home address (ALIZEE will provide customers with a set of filling equipment free of charge for each order). After the samples and filling equipment arrived, Supan followed the video steps of the product operation and completed the first filling very quickly, then he sent us a message very happily: "I didn't expect it to be so easy!"

Supan cleaned and disinfected his garage, removed the sundries and laid dust-proof and non-slip plastic mats on the ground (about 11 US dollars per square meter). The goods arrived in Bangkok at the end of October, and Supan and his girlfriend used them. Fill and pack in one day.

Supan sent Alizee's promotional video to the local social network, left contact information, introduced the product to his friends, got potential customers through his friends' referrals, and told his friends that they can also come and join him A few days later, his promotion made him get customers and orders. Supan also sent the filled ALIZEEWHIP to local restaurants, dessert shops, nightclubs, and bars for promotion and display.

Through his efforts, Supan has won a large number of individual customers and long-term orders from some restaurants, nightclubs and other companies, and the nightclub he provided samples has become his biggest customer. At this time, Hou Supan faced a new problem, because there were too many and scattered customers, and there were a lot of troubles when recording each customer's order requirements and collecting gas cylinders and deposits in time.

He told us about his troubles. After discussion, we decided to build a website for Supan. After registering an account, customers can place orders on the website, automatically pay the deposit, and manage customer information and deposit refunds in a unified and standardized manner. Additionally, by observing the website data, it is also possible to adjust the purchase quantity of the next raw material nitrous oxide.

In January 2022, Supan purchased another 3000 pieces of ALIZEEGAS, 900 pieces could no longer satisfy his supply chain of cream chargers, and everything is developing in a better direction. ALIZEE hopes that we can build a bridge of cooperation with each customer and create a better future together.

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