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Cream Chargers Wholesale Guide 2022 | Alizee Gas Blog
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Cream Chargers Wholesale Guide 2022 | Alizee Gas Blog

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Cream Chargers Wholesale Guide 2022

The Cream Charger Wholesale Industry has always been one of the best business and is always growing. Compared with last year, the customer group of the cream charger industry increased by 60% in 2022. Some people make huge profits with this business.

As a manufacturer who has been engaged in the cream charger industry for 10 years, I have shared some experience and suggestions in the cream charger wholesale industry, hoping to help you!

First of all, you need to choose how to operate according to your personal financial budget.

There are three types according to your budget:


Below $60,000

As a retailer, you can purchase from branded distributors at wholesale prices, the price is a bit higher. You don't have to put a lot of capital to work around. Online can be sold through social platforms such as tiktok, facebook and other channels, and offline can be sold through party delivery.

Advantages: no need to invest a lot of money, low risk

Disadvantages: few customers, small profits, unstable supply, and there may be a risk of out-of-stock

Brand Agency

Above $60,000

You can purchase directly from factories or brand owners at lower prices and you need prepare a certain amount of capital. Not only can you sell online through social platforms,  but also can sell through your own website , and offline you can contact retailers and sell to them at a slightly lower price.

Advantages: stable supply, high profit, many customer groups to choose from

Disadvantages: Can only be sold in your own country

Self-Owned Brand

Above $150,000

If you have certain industry experience and sufficient funds, you can consider contacting the factory to make your own brand. After  successful promotion, brand agents can be recruited to sell to surrounding countries. Once the promotion is successful, the income is very high.

Advantages: long-term stable high income, brand influence, stable customers

Disadvantages: large capital and energy investment, slow return of capital in the early stage

Product Choice

At present, the cream charger industry has two product specifications to choose , 8g cream charger and 615g cream charger. Before choosing, you can read this article : "Cream Charger Industry Trends", I hope this article can help you!

Cream Charger Industry trends

Brand Choice

Different brands are promoted differently in each country. First of all, you need to determine the popular brands in your country, and you need to investigate the market here. You need a combination of Google search and keyword research. Here I recommend using: Semrush, which is a keyword software that I personally like to use, which can query the search volume of brand words in various countries.

I use Smartwhip as an example. Through semrush search, it can be seen intuitively that the search volume of this brand in the UK is very high.

Smartwhip search results

Traffic = Money. In this Internet age, although high-traffic products are not necessarily the only choice, choosing a high-traffic product will make your business much simpler.

Here I have compiled some popular brands of cream chargers for your reference:

8g: Mosa, ISI, Bestwhip, Whip-It, SupremeWhip, Quickwhip

580g / 615g: Smartwhip, Fastgas, Cream Deluxe, InfusionMax, Magicwhip

640g: Exoticwhip

For more details on cream charger brands, read this article: "Top 4 Best 580g Cream charger tank 2022"

Top 4 Best 580g Cream charger tank 2022 - Alizee Gas

Quality Choice

As a cream charger manufacturer, I can tell you clearly that the quality of cream chargers is very important. There are some cream chargers made by small factories, they are almost identical from the outside, and you will only find the problem after using it. But then it's too late, selling these questionable products, results in a poor reputation. This is fatal for dealers who sell on Amazon, eBay and other platforms.

Before purchasing, please pay attention to a few questions:

 · Cylinder Cleaning

The cleaning of the cylinder is very important, because the cylinder will inevitably have some industrial oil stains on it when it is produced. If the cleaning is not clean and the gas is filled directly, the whipped cream will have an industrial oil smell, which will not only affect the taste of the cream, but even cause nausea, headaches and other problems for consumers.


 · Cylinder Seal

First of all, the sealing technology of the 8g cream charger is very mature, and there is almost no air leakage problem on the market. Only some 580g cream chargers will have the problem of air leakage due to poor sealing. Because of the high internal pressure of these tanks and the use of thimble valves, the production technology of some factories is not up to standard, and the gas will slowly leak from the top. Products are filled with gas before leaving the factory, and after a long sea transportation process, you may receive a batch of products with half or less gas.

In addition, the thimble valve with substandard quality will not only have air leakage problems. When you use Nozzle to release gas, after triggering the thimble, if its internal spring fails, a large amount of gas will continue to be ejected. If this happens, don't touch the Nozzle with your hands to try to close it, because nitrous oxide is icy cold, and it's very likely to freeze your hands!

Customs clearance issues

If the manufacturer did not ask you any questions about customs clearance when you were purchasing, or directly told you not to worry about customs clearance, then the manufacturer is irresponsible. They only consider their own interests and don't care if you will receive the goods.

The customs policy of this product is different in each country. If you have no experience in overseas purchasing, I suggest that you can contact the local customs clearance company. You only need to pay a commission, and they will tell you in advance the information you need to prepare, and some customs clearance details.

In addition, you need a supermarket or food company that has paid taxes in your country for one year as the buyer to clear customs. If you do not own a company, then you need to contact such a company to import goods in their name.

Do a good job of promotion

Marketing promotion is very important no matter what industry you are in. A successful marketing strategy can bring you a large number of customers and make your business bigger and bigger. Here are a few marketing methods I recommend:

 · Online Marketing

There are three ways of online marketing: 

1. Build your own website 

2. Open a store on a large online shopping platform 

3. Sell on social platforms

Which of the three methods is the best? I can tell you unequivocally, don't just use a single marketing method, because you need all three.

 · Website building

When you are just starting out in the cream charger industry, you can start by building a website of your own. You need to seriously participate in the construction of the website. Believe me, your efforts are definitely worth it. A good website can bring you unexpected surprises.

If you want a simple and convenient retail website, you can use: shopify, which is a very easy-to-use retail website building platform.

If you are willing to put more effort into running your website, you can use: WordPress.

 · Platform promotion

All you need to do after building a website is to run your own social media platform, the platforms I recommend are: Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram. (You can put a link of your website on these platforms to increase conversion rates and website clicks.)

Facebook: You can create your own public page, and there are plenty of cream charger groups to join.

Instagram: Facebook's photo/video social platform with a large number of young users, ideal for showcasing your products and business.

Tiktok: This is the most popular short video platform nowadays. If your video is popular, you can also get an extra income.

Here's a little trick, add a (# + Product Keywords) below when publishing content on all platforms, this will make your content more searchable.

Also, I recently discovered a very interesting community of cream chargers:


In this community, various topics about cream chargers are often discussed.

 · Open a store

Large platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart themselves have a large number of users. Opening a store on these platforms can easily get a large number of customers to visit. But you need to pay a fee or commission to the platform every month, and there are many rules on the platform, and it takes a lot of energy to run a platform well. So I suggest that you open a platform store when you want to expand sales after your business has stabilized.

The order I suggest is:  website constructionplatform promotionopening a store

Offline Marketing:

There are many channels for offline promotion. I will list a few industries that need cream chargers:

 - Hotel:

Some hotels will make a lot of desserts to serve to guests, especially when undertaking a wedding, you need to make a lot of cream, which requires a cream charger to whip the cream.

 - Party planning:

A party can’t be perfect without a cream charger, and you can contact a party planner to supply your product.

 - Cake shop:

A cake shop consumes a lot of cream chargers every month, if your product is of good quality and the price is right, then the cake shop will be your long-term customer.

 - E-cigarette shop:

Even though e-cigarettes have nothing to do with cream chargers, trust me, cream chargers are being sold in many vaping stores, and sales are high.

 - Supermarket:

You can contact nearby supermarkets and supply them with cream chargers, as long as you successfully sign a supply contract with the supermarket, you only need to worry about your product inventory.

Summary: I hope this article can help friends who want or are already engaged in the cream charger industry, whether you are our partner or not, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the cream charger.

In addition, we recently launched a free HTML code marketing email and free website building service for our partners, welcome to join Alizee Gas.

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