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SmartWhip 615g Cream Charger Canister Bulk Wholesale - Free Balloons Nozzle

Alizee Quotes for Distributor: $8.5 - $5.3 / Piece!
Please contact us for further discounts!

Each SmartWhip Cream Charger Tank contains 615g of pure food-grade nitrous oxide, allowing you to charge a cream dispenser quickly and easily in a row. All cylinders are equipped with pressure release nozzles for full release of gas for easy recovery! 
Alizee Gas Factory offers high quality SmartWhip Canister Bulk wholesale and We can sea transportation to UK, Sweden, USA and other countries around the world!
  • 615g

  • SmartWhip

  • Stainless steel

  • Food grade nitrous oxide (99.99%)

  • Cream foaming, making milkshake, and other cream products

  • CE/ISO

  • Recyclable (note: dispose of empty bottles only!)

  • JiangSu, China

  • MOQ:432 PCS

  • $8.5 - $5.3 / Piece!


Brand Advantage

Alizee has about 10 years history of cylinder production and management , ‘Low price, high quality products and efficient output’ are always  the business philosophy of Alizee. Alizee is committed to serving global wholesalers and providing customers with more convenient and efficient services. Welcome to join Alizee! 

Alizee Gas Cream Charger


Whats Smartwhip?

Smartwhip is an innovative eco-friendly and recyclable carbon steel canisters, a large cream charger. It is about 31cm (12 inches) high and 7cm (2.8 inches) wide. Smartwhip Canisters contain 615g of food-grade nitrous oxide. The working pressure is 165bar.

How many canisters in a smartwhip?

One Smartwhip 615g Tank is approximately equal to the nitrous oxide content of 78 8g N2O Canisters cream chargers.

How many balloons in a smartwhip?

A Smartwhip 615G Tank can completely fill about 75 latex balloons.

How to use smartwhip balloons?

Smartwhip balloons are very convenient. Instead of a cream charger cookie, you just attach a Smartwhip nozzle to the top, place the balloon over the nozzle, and turn the plastic nozzle to open the thimble valve and fill the balloon with gas.

How many canisters in a smartwhip?

One Smartwhip 615g Tank is approximately equal to the nitrous oxide content of 78 8g N2O Canisters cream chargers.

Smartwhip 615G Cream Charger

Product Features

Smartwhip Bulk Wholesale

The SmartWhip 615 Gram tank contains a lot of nitrous oxide. SmartWhip has the advantages of being more efficient and safe than the traditional 8G cream charger

- SmartWhip cream is more effective and takes only half the time to whip.

- Each Smartwhip 615g cream charger can whip 40L of liquid whipped cream into 120 l of fluffy cream

- A Smartwhip 615G can completely fill about 75 latex balloons

- Product rewards: pressure regulators, configurators, filled hoses

- We have a professional design team to help you complete the packaging design and customization, to create your own brand.

- Quality is the most important! The SmartWhip has been pressure-tested at 165 bar, is 100% leak-free, can be safely transported and used safely in kitchens and bars.

- After purity testing, SmartWhip can contains pure food grade N2O, guaranteed to be free of oil residues or industrial aftertaste.

- Made of 100% recyclable steel.

- It is universal to all whipped cream charger dispensers.

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Our Corporate Mission

Alizee Gas always believe that the interests of the distributor = the interests of the factory

You just need it! I just happen to be professional!