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Cream Charger Industry trends
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Cream Charger Industry trends

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Cream Charger Industry trends

With the advancements in the cream charger industry, the demands of the products are also on a surge. The price of products is now no longer the only factor of competitiveness. There is a lot that needs to be done by the manufacturers to meet the wholesaler needs of the market.


The appearance of cream charger:

Ecommerce has given rise to online shopping. Platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba are the backbone of the online shopping industry. Many Cream charger wholesalers are now a part of these bigger platforms.

According to one survey, the majority of the complaints on these online shopping platforms are about poor packaging and rusty cylinder. Such bad reviews are causing huge losses and leading to poor reputation and image issues for the sellers. The bad reviews are impacting the overall sales and they can not be deleted as well.


· The physical appearance of the Cream charger cylinder

The original cream charger consisted of one cylinder with a layer of zinc plating. The cylinder was plain with no design or decoration. However, later on, the cylinders were decorated with thick colored paints to give them a pleasant appearance and to prevent rusting which further damages the appearance of the product.


· Packaging of the Cream charger

The packaging of the Cream charger has also been improved along with the aesthetics and quality. The packaging now comes with thicker material, the folding is better and the overall product is robust.

Cream charger color paint 

Advancements in cream charger specifications:

The cream charger comes with the following specifications:

1. 580 Cream Charger

After the launch of the smart whip 580G cream charger in 2019, the idea of customers about the product changed. Cream Charger is no longer a small 8G cylinder now. The new innovative model solves the tremendous problem of changing the charger of the whipping cream constantly. It doesn’t only save a lot of time but also effort and hassle. The new model simply requires the users to connect the cream dispenser, twist the valve and whip the cream. Thus, it also saves the problem of gas waste that was present in the previous models.


2. 640 Cream Charger

After a year of 580g cream charger, further innovation was brought to the product and a new 640g model emerged with the latest specifications.

“Exoticwhip”: Launched by a famous company “Global Catering, “Exoticwhip” is a new model of the 640g cream charger that comes with a fruit flavor. This charger consists of a 640g seamless cylinder which is safer than the older welded model of the 580g cream charger tank. The bottle can withstand high pressure and comes with various fruit flavors.


3. Reusable Cream Charger

A further advancement was brought to the specifications of the cream charger by Alizee Gas. This new model was launched in 2020. The cylinders of this model are made up of high-strength carbon steel that passes through a seamless process. The cylinder can withstand high pressure as compared to the welded models. Thus they are safer and more robust. The new model is also installed with a special valve that just needs to be connected to a hose to inflate it. The valva automatically closes once it is done. The process is fast, easy, and safe.

How to use the reusable cream charger:

The reusable cream charger is simple and easy to use.

Connect the converter connector to the valve of the cylinder to inflate it using the charging device. The cylinder can even be inflated using ordinary 40L N2O canister. There is no need to use high-end inflating equipment. Just a simple connection and that's all!

 Smartwhip Silver Reusable 580g Cream Charger


The cream charger industry has passed through various advancements in specifications. It is seen that customers are fond of larger cream chargers tank. However, the trend in the future seems to be about “sustainable filling” due to the increasing awareness of environmental pollution and the recycling of products. The re-charging of the recyclable cream charger can save the purchasing cost and will also increase the repurchase rate. Thus, it is beneficial to both customers and dealers. Products can also be sent back directly to the dealers. Only the cost of gas and labor needs to be paid. It reduces the overall cost.

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