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What Are The Advantages And Production Processes OF MOSA Cream Chargers
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What Are The Advantages And Production Processes OF MOSA Cream Chargers

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What Are The Advantages And Production Processes OF MOSA Cream Chargers - Alizee Gas

With the rise of the cream charger market, various brands are entering the market, leading to saturation and sudden downfall of quality. Moreover, the cream charger industry is getting very volatile due to the same reason. The dilemma is that cream chargers can be manufactured even in small factories with little investment and unqualified production equipment. Even the cleaning and sterilizing step is omitted in many factories to save the overall cost involved. Due to this reason, the smell of industrial oil is left in the charger. Whipping cream using such a low-quality charger gives rise to other problems, including dissatisfaction of the customers and even health-related issues. Not only this, but these issues also pose problems for the dealers as such issues cannot be detected just by looking at the product. Thus, these issues need to be addressed.

Cream charger

How can dealers and chefs choose trusted cream chargers?

Keeping in mind the problems in the open market, it is pretty difficult for the dealers to detect the correct item. The only solution lies in trusting the well-known cream charger brands such as MOSA. MOSA is one of the best and famous cream charger brands, which occupies a considerable share in the market. Due to the high-quality products, this brand has become the most trusted brand among the dealers and customers. Let's look at some of the characteristics of the MOSA cream charger.

Mosa cream chargers

What is a MOSA cream charger?

MOSA cream charger is N2) contained in pressurized canisters and is used to whip liquid at a rapid rate. The cream charger coming under the brand name MOSA is one of the well-known products in China and other countries. Its headquarters are in Taiwan China. MOSA cream charger is known for its quality and durability.

Mosa Cream Charger

What are MOSA cream chargers used for?

MOSA Cream chargers are used to whip liquid or cream at a rapid rate. It is mainly used for commercial purposes where a large amount of cream or liquid is required to be whipped on a daily basis. Thus, cream chargers save not only time but also the effort that is put into making cakes and other desserts. That is why cream chargers are commonly used in commercial kitchens and have become an everyday staple in restaurants and bakeries.

Besides making desserts, these chargers are also used to whip hot beverages and infuse alcohol.

MOSA cream Chargers used for whipped cream

Why are MOSA cream chargers better than other cream charger brands?

Several cream chargers brands are available in the market, but very few of them are producing the best quality products. As discussed before, one of the main issues noticed in most of the cream chargers is the smell of nitrous oxide gas left in the product, which ruins the entire dessert. Secondly, many factories are not following proper cleanliness routine. That is where MOSA cream chargers stand out!

Alizee Gas as the OEM factory for
MOSA Cream Chargers in Mainland China, Firstly, the factories of Alizee Gas cream chargers are equipped with high-quality equipment.

Production process:

- Fully automated Cylinder production equipment are used for the manufacturing of chargers.
- The cylinders are comprised of high-quality carbon steel.
- A detailed inspection is carried out to check the inner cleanliness of these cylinders through a magnifying glass. Not only this, but the cylinder is also cleaned three times through the steam equipment. This process ensures that each charger tastes clean and doesn’t have any industrial odor.
- After filling N2O gas, the finished cream chargers are cleaned once again.
- The cylinder is then sealed, and the finished product is weighed to ensure that each MOSA cream charger contains the right amount (8g) of NO2 gas.
- Lastly, the final product is packed in a safe environment with hygiene and cleanliness.

See the Alizee Gas Cream Charger factory production process video

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