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Common question about cream chargers
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Common question about cream chargers

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Common question about cream chargers

Correct use of a cream charger

Cream chargers are a great option to improve the appearance, performance, and quality of our creams. To use them is as simple as following these steps.

Correct use of a cream charger

1. Unscrew the top of the dispenser and insert the necessary suction head. You have to make sure it has adhered to the container correctly. The O-ring or washer must also be under the head.

2. Pour the mixture, liquid or cream, that is going to be used into the container up to the maximum amount, filling the line. It is important not to spill anything.

3. Screw on the top of the jar firmly and evenly to prevent this part from cross-threading. Once the head is secured, place a cream charge in the intended cylinder and screw it onto the corresponding head part. You will know the charge is already working and is well placed when a hiss is heard, indicating the gas begins to come out slowly.

4. Shake the dispenser several times to mix the gas and previously added content in the container. After that, turn the dispenser over and press the lever to release the cream. If it's too liquid, it requires more agitation.

5. When the tank runs out of gas, activate the lever and let the remaining gas escape. After that, discard the charge and wipe off the rest of the gas from the nozzles.

How to clean the cream dispenser correctly

clean the cream dispenser correctly

1. Unscrew the lid of the container, we repeat that before opening the bottle again, first expel the gas with the trigger, otherwise, we could spoil our gadget.

2. Unscrew the rest of the parts: The nozzle, charger holder, and bottle protections and put them aside. If you have any other parts that require cleaning and are detachable, remove them from the gadget along with the rest.

3. Turn down the distributor and remove the plastic ring from inside the head.

4. Push the trigger to a position where it can be removed.

5. Use a sponge or cloth with soapy water on small parts until they are clean. Make sure you have properly cleaned the gas inlet since the residues can be strained in the next cream that is made.

6. The cream mixer bottle can be washed like any bottle. Just make sure it is completely dry when we place again the pieces and for the next time, we use it.

Importance of the cream charger

Importance of the cream charger

The gadget that uses these charges allows the cream to be inflated faster than whipping it, thanks to the pressurized gas capsules. This saves us time and effort to prepare different products such as whipped cream, smoothies, and many desserts. All this makes it an ideal product for various commercial positions like cafes or kitchens.

Good quality cream charges also allow keeping the creams and sauces made fresh, thus improving their duration. That also gives us the advantage that we can advance work.

Another advantage is that the gas that dissolves acts as a bacteriostatic (the gas normally used is nitrous oxide, N2O), so it will prevent bacterial growth in cold environments, so that allows us to store the creams in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

How to recycle the cream charges

recycle the cream charges

The gadget works with loads of nitrous oxide, which can't be simply thrown away. Don't throw them in the garbage like the rest of your waste, recycle them in your nearest place, since N2O is a greenhouse gas, which also favors acid rain and gradually destroys fauna.

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