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Are cream chargers all the same?
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Are cream chargers all the same?

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Are cream chargers all the same?

Cream chargers originated in Europe, and in recent years this convenient gas source has become a global phenomenon. Cream Chargers users call them whippits, whippets, nos, nossies or nangs. Most cream chargers in circulation are stainless steel cylinders about 6.3 cm (2.5 in) long and 1.8 cm (0.7 in) wide, filled with about 8 grams of N2O gas. On the outside, it's pretty much the same. But when it comes to the details of the product, the difference is obvious.

First of all, the sealing port of the charger's narrow end is different. Below I provide several pictures for you to make a clearer comparison.

mosa Cream chargerisi Cream charger

ISI Cream Charger and MOSA Cream Charger are among the best cream chargers in the industry and are loved by consumers around the world. As you can see from the picture, the Mosa Cream Charger is a more traditional bottle model with a slightly sunken seal at the narrow end. The ISI Cream Charger has reduced the length of the bottle's narrow end, and its seal is slightly protruding.

Of course, both of these two brands are very good. If you ask me which is better, I can only say that each has its own advantages. I take these two brands for comparison just to introduce the detailed differences between cream chargers to you. However, I have a suggestion to share with you. As you can see from the picture, ISI has a beautiful appearance, but also a high cost, so the price will be higher. If you are a perfectionist, ISI will make you love it. If you are a smart business person, then Mosa will be your best choice!

1 Smartwhip=85 8G cream chargers

The 8g Cream Charger is designed for small batch or occasional use, such as home kitchen, restaurant and cafe applications. For high-volume commercial use, the 580 gram cream charger is a great solution to the problem of high-volume use. Unlike traditional cream chargers, 580 g can whip cream more efficiently, saving the time of filling bullets, just by connecting a hose to the cream dispenser and controlling the amount of N2O filling by adjusting the pressure valve. One can of 580 grams is equal to about 85 ordinary cream chargers, which solves the problem of waste caused by excess gas in the bottom of traditional cream chargers. After you use the 8g cream charger, there will be a large number of empty bullets that cannot be refilled again and you need to dispose of them. If you use 580 grams, you will not have such a headache problem!

Finally, I will not compare the gas in the bottle. I believe that a good cream charger brand factory will strictly control the filling quality of N2O gas, and most brands will not have the lowest mistake of gas residue, industrial odor and residue!

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