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About cream charger wholesale industry
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About cream charger wholesale industry

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About cream charger wholesale industry

Market status of cream charger wholesale industry

In recent years, with the increasing demand for nitrous oxide in various industries, the market prospect of N2O products has been soaring. More and more entrepreneurs have joined the wholesale industry of cream chargers, and there will be more practitioners of cream chargers in the future. The global nitrous oxide industry was valued at $805.1 million in 2016 and is projected to reach $1.48 billion by 2025 based on these years of growth. According to Market Analysis Report conducted by Grand View Research, Inc.Nitrous oxide is like a potential stock, and smart people who buy into the wholesale cream charger industry will make a lot of money from it!
With the expansion of the N2O industry, the demand for N2O in the medical, food, beverage and automotive industries is also growing with the market. With such high demand, the wholesale market for cream chargers remains fiercely competitive. Because most of the well-known nitrous oxide manufacturers have few distributors or even only one distributor in each country. Therefore, many people who want to engage in the cream charger wholesale industry can hardly get the direct price from the manufacturer, and can only buy from the distributor, resulting in a big loss of profit, and it is difficult for new people to join the cream charger wholesale industry to survive.
However, in the face of the continuous growth of the global N2O market, enterprise reform has gradually emerged. With the promotion of global trade, import and export wholesale has solved the problem of fewer distributors. People can buy cream charger trays directly from factories in other countries to their own port, bypassing the distributors. This is very convenient, but you should know your own country's customs policy before buying, so as not to cause the loss of the goods being detained by the customs.

The leading brand of cream charger wholesale market

Mosa cream chargers.jpg

1,mosa cream charger

MOSA Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Taiwan with an area of 140,000 square meters. MOSA was founded in 1988 and started manufacturing plastic products. In 1992, the company began industrial transformation and developed and researched high pressure inflation. From 2002 to 2011, MOSA has been able to produce various types of hybrid inflators.

As an enterprise with strong strength and historical deposits. MOSA has invested heavily in 8G N2O cylinders since the beginning and has developed the automatic filling machine. To improve the quality of products and product production efficiency, firmly ensure its leading position in the market. With an affordable price and consistent quality, MOSA has become the preferred brand in the cream charger wholesale industry.

ISI cream chargers.jpg

2, isi cream charger
ISI is a traditional brand located in Austria. The original ISI company was Karl Fischer-Pochtler GmbH. In 1966, chargers for soda and whipped cream produced by ISI began to enter the Austrian market. Then they started exporting around the world. In 2018, ISI Cooking subsidiary Changshu ISI Cooking Co., Ltd was established to develop 8g cream charger products in an all-round way.
ISI's innovative 8-gram cream charger is very popular. The new capsule changes the appearance of the traditional capsule, which contains 8.4 grams of pure N2O gas, and ISI is always pursuing perfection in the appearance of the capsule. Adequate in gas and elegant in appearance, ISI has always been a leading brand in the wholesale cream charger industry.

Kayser cream chargers.jpg

3, kayser cream charger
Herbert Kayser&Co was founded in 1952 in Vietnam. As early as the late 1950s, Kayser began producing pressurized gas cylinders, which has a long history. New plant expansion in 2008. Kayser's products have been exported to more than 70 countries.
Kayser Cream Chargers are available in 5 packages, bringing a wide range of options to the retail and wholesale industry. As a long-established company, Kayser pays great attention to business relationships with distributors. Kayser is a great choice in the wholesale cream charger industry.

Smartwhip cream chargers.jpg

4, Smartwhip cream charger

SmartWhip is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Opened in 2019, its mission is to revolutionize cream chargers in the specialty restaurant industry. Compared to the above three brands, SmartWhip is a young and growing brand. SmartWhip 580g N2O is an innovative product that subverts the specification of the traditional 8g cream charger. Can let you make full use of the kitchen time, reduce a lot of trouble, for the chef is very happy to use it. Due to the large size, the import policy of customs in many countries for SmartWhip is stricter than that of 8g cream charger, and a small amount of import wholesale cannot be achieved. However, a SmartWhip is also easier to sell and can be very profitable at retail. If you want to sell a cream charger in bulk, SmartWhip is definitely your best choice.

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