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A Complete Guide To Using A Cream Charger To Make Whip Cream
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A Complete Guide To Using A Cream Charger To Make Whip Cream

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A Complete Guide To Using A Cream Charger To Make Whip Cream

Cream charger

Whipping up the perfect dessert

Nothing rounds up a good meal quite like a light yet decadent dessert. The sugary goodness provides a refreshing burst of flavor, be it after a balanced meal or simply on its own. To make a quick and easy dessert without compromising the flavor, adding some whipped cream is always a good idea.

Whipped cream gives your desserts a light, airy texture, so they melt in the mouth immediately. But no one wants to spend time whipping the cream to get a perfect consistency. There are times when your hard work doesn't even pay because no matter how much elbow grease you put in simply because the cream isn't the right temperature or you are not using the right technique.

Getting a cream charger

To make your life easier and ensure you can make the best desserts in no time, getting a cream charger is a smart thing to do. The Mosa Cream Charger is the best one in the market as it makes and dispenses the fluffiest whip cream every time. A whip cream dispenser can also be used for making desserts, not just cream, like mousse or icing. A cream charger adds air and changes the consistency of the mixture inside.

Using your cream charger to make delicious desserts

Here are three simple yet scrumptious desserts you can make using your cream charger:

1. Decadent coffee chocolate mousse

Decadent coffee chocolate mousse

A mousse is one of the easiest desserts since it requires so few ingredients. However, it is all about getting the texture just right because it is the trickiest part of making a mousse. Having a cream charger and cream dispenser makes it impossible to mess up a mousse recipe. Here is a simple one with just chocolate and coffee to get you started:

Ingredients required

1-cup of whipping cream

5-tablespoons of cocoa powder

1-teaspoon of instant coffee

3-tablespoons of confectioners' sugar


Put all the ingredients in the cream charger and close it off securely. Charge and shake. Dispense the whipped mousse and serve chilled.

This is a foolproof, no-sweat recipe for a mousse. You can change the flavors to make any kind of mousse that is light and always yummy.

2. Heavenly tiramisu

Heavenly tiramisu

Another simple but flavorful dessert is the tiramisu. If you want to impress your friends or family and serve something elegant and refined, then a tiramisu is the way to go. Many people think making the perfect tiramisu is best left to experts. Much like a mousse, it is all about the texture, and with a cream charger, you can cheat your way to perfection. Simply follow the recipe below:

Ingredients required

1-cup of whipping cream

3-tablespoons confectioners' sugar

Two egg yolks

1-teaspoon amaretto

6-ladyfinger cookies

Cocoa powder

Instant coffee


Just place all the ingredients in the dispenser and mix well. Then comes time to charge and shake. Dispense the whipped mixture onto ladyfinger cookies and sprinkle cocoa powder and constant coffee powder for a fitting presentation.

The whipped airy amaretto mixture perfectly complements the dense ladyfinger cookies, creating the perfect balance that makes a tiramisu so delectable. The whipped cloudy consistency of the tiramisu delivers a truly heavenly sensation in the mouth.

3. Berry paradise

Berry paradise

Nothing says summer quite like mixed berries trifle. Adding fresh fruits to desserts not only makes them stunning to look at but also a little healthy, so you can feel less guilty about consuming all that sugar. A trifle is comprised of cake, fruits, and whipped cream, and here is a great recipe to follow:

Ingredients required

10-inch pound cake

1-cup blueberries

1-cup strawberries

1-cup blackberries

2-teaspoon vanilla extract

1-cup whipping cream

1-cup vanilla yogurt

½-cup sour cream

1-cup confectioners' sugar


Place the whipping cream, vanilla yogurt, vanilla extract, sour cream, and confectioners' sugar in the cream dispenser. If the mixture is more than the maximum capacity, you will have to shake it in two batches. Charge the dispenser and shake. Use the cream dispenser to get the softest whipped cream mixture. Now, start assembling the trifle. Start with a base layer of pound cake and top that with an assortment of berries of your choice or any fresh fruits you like. Now layer the whipped cream mixture. Repeat the layers and top off the final cream layer with some fruits. The bright fruits will contrast beautifully with the white, silky, smooth cream mixture.

Adding sugar to your life

Making a great dessert is simple if you know how to balance the flavors and textures. A cream charger is an excellent tool to have on hand, as it significantly reduces the time it takes to prepare desserts, and it is impossible to make mistakes.

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