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What causes CO2 air gun leakage, and how can you stop it?
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What causes CO2 air gun leakage, and how can you stop it?

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What causes CO2 air gun leakage, and how can you stop it?

Dealing with gas pistols means that you oftenencounter problems when loading the gun with the air gun cartridge inside. This is completely normal and can happen to anyone owning a CO2 air gun.

If you detect any CO2 leakage from your air gun, maybe it is time for you to get a CO2 cartridge seal replacement. There are multiple types of CO2 cartridges, so knowing which one is meant for your air gun is essential.

The first step you should take is to check from leakage is occurring. Multiple factors can cause the air gun leakage from the air gun cartridge, some of which we will be looking through below.

CO2 cartridge sealed

Causes of CO2 air gun leakage

There air gun cartridge that you put inside the gun is pressurized gas. No matterwhich one you have from the different types of co2 cartridges, it will always try to escape. The gas finds a way out from the bb gun gas canisters through the hole you make every time for inserting it in the gun.

Two main factorsthat can cause a CO2 air gun leakage are:

§  Valve leakage

There are chances that the gas is leaking out from the value of your air gun cartridge. However, this happens in only a few cases.

§  Air gun cartridge seal

The most likely problem to occur is the seal where you place your bb gun gas canisters. You can take care of this issue with a CO2 cartridge seal replacement. The air gun cartridge deforms the seal overtime, and this causes the leak to occur.

The leakage becomes noticeable when your fire your gun, and the fire is less round in each go. All CO2 guns eventually start to leak over time. You have control solely over the rate of loss which thankfully can be minimized by fixing the leakage.

Besides just replacing the bb gun gas canisters, there are other ways through which you can fix the leak. But you need not worry about the air gun leakage as we are here to help you out.

How to fix CO2 air gun leakage

You can try some of the ways that we have mentioned below to fix your leaking CO2 air gun cartridge. It is crucial to note that not all types of CO2 cartridges are the same, so you will have to see how you can apply the method to your air gun.

§  Put a tape on the air gun cartridge

Using some Teflon tape works as a quick fix for seal-related problems. Wrap some tape around and on the top of your bb gun gas canisters. This makes sure that the canister fits in well and prevents any deformed seal from leaking CO2.

§  Lubricate the seal

A pin on your CO2 air gun cartridge with a seal prevents the gas from leaking out. The pin is visible once you remove the magazine from the gun. Spray silicone lubricant generously on the seal and repeat the process every time you load a new cartridge.

§  Time for CO2 cartridge seal replacement

If the CO2 is leaking from your air gun cartridge at a fast rate, then maybe it is time for you to replace it. Instead of fixing the problem on your own, it is preferable to buy a new cartridge seal to save yourself from trouble.

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