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The Difference between Green Gas vs CO2 for Air Gun
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The Difference between Green Gas vs CO2 for Air Gun

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The Difference between Green Gas vs CO2 for Air Gun

An air gun is a weapon that fires bullets or pellets with the expansion of compressed air. Do you own an air gun and are looking for different options for refilling it? Are you new to this process, so you have no idea what’s better suited for your air gun? Are you aware of what Green Gas is? Whatever your answer to these questions might be, we’re here to help you out and make things easier.

What is Green Gas airsoft?

The Green Gas airsoft is a term in which there is a chemical composition that is closer to propane. The main component of Green Gas airsoft is pressurized propane gas. As a gas itself, propane gas is non-toxic, and it powers airsoft guns \ airsoft pistol mixed with silicone oil.

What is Green Gas airsoft

What is Green Gas?

Green Gas, also known as Greenhouse Gas, is a man-made gas extracted from the ground. It is a renewable and sustainable gas that can be used in the same way as natural gas. It contributes to the greenhouse effect and lets out radiant energy by absorbing infrared radiation from the Earth’s surface. Green Gas is also safe, just like natural gas, and can be used for appliances or the gas system with any modifications.

What is CO2

What is CO2?

Also known as Red Gas, CO2 is an acidic colorless gas that is found naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere. It is a greenhouse gas that has a faint odor and a sour taste. One of the most important gases on Earth for plants, this gas comprises two parts of oxygen and one part of carbon dioxide.

green gas vs co2

Green Gas vs CO2

Benefits of Green Gas

If you are looking for a Green Gas air gun refill, you should know that Green Gas is easier on the gun, more efficient, lighter on the pocket, and easier to store. With low pressure, it won’t be difficult to operate your weapon, and due to the silicone oil, it will provide lubrication to the air gun as you fire.

Benefits of CO2 cartridge

On the other hand, it isn’t easy to compare both because CO2 also offers great benefits. If you’re looking for something that provides a more powerful shot and works better in the cold, then CO2 should be your preference. The CO2-filled air gun will work faster than Green Gas in extreme temperatures but is slightly expensive.

Both gases are worth a shot in their own way by the benefits they offer. However, it all depends on what your requirements and preferences are for the use.

where to buy green gas

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