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What Are The Top Brands In The Market For CO2 Bike Tire Inflation?
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What Are The Top Brands In The Market For CO2 Bike Tire Inflation?

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What Are The Top Brands In The Market For CO2 Bike Tire Inflation? 

Co2 Bike tire Inflator is the easiest and fastest way to inflate a tire. It is a CO2 filled cartridge that is used with an inflator head attached to the tire valve stem to drain CO2. It is available in a variety of sizes. Tyre filled CO2 cartridges are commonly available in 16g, 25g sizes, threaded and non-threaded cartridges.

Compared to a traditional manual pump, the CO2 tyre inflator is smaller, lighter and easier to carry around, so you can attach it to your bike or carry it in a backpack. If you accidentally blow a tire while riding, the CO2 bicycle tire inflator can help you inflate your tire quickly and effortlessly.

To give you a better choice, Alizee Gas has rounded up over 20 different brands to find the TOP 5 CO2 Bike Tire Inflator brands and their star products, in no particular order.

lezyne control drive co2

1. Lezyne

Lezyne was founded on March 1, 2007 by industry icon (German) Micki Kozuschek.

Presta valves&Schrader valves

Note:Presta valves (left) are more common on road bikes and mid - to high-end mountain bikes, while Schrader valves (right) are commonly used on hybrid bikes and children's bikes.  

Lezyne Control Drive CO2 Inflator is compatible with Schrader and Presta, two of the best known valves. It easily controls the flow of gas and comes with a jacket to protect your hands from frostbite from cartridges during use.

The Control Drive CO2 Inflator is a lightweight, CNC machined aluminum dispenser with a brass interior that won't easily break or rust, making it extremely durable.

It would be nice if there was a clear indication of opening and closing.

ultraflate plus

2. Genuineinnovations

In 1989, Genuine Innovations invented the first CO2 tire inflator for bicycles, expanding a new use for CO2 cartridges: inflating flat bicycle tires.

I have to say Genuine Innovations is really a CO2 inflator specialist. Genuine Innovations Ultraflate Plus CO2 inflator is a cup inflator that is different from other inflators on the market. The Ultraflate Plus is compatible with a variety of threaded CO2 cartridges and 20g threaded cartridges. The Ultraflate Plus features a reinforced glass nylon case with a built-in "trigger lock" to prevent accidental discharge of the inflator. For colder weather, the Ultraflate Plus casing is a great way to deflate your tires without freezing your hands.

As the inventor of the CO2 inflator for bicycle tires, Genuineinnovations has industry-leading technology and service, and all Genuineinnovations CO2 inflators come with a lifetime warranty that guarantees you purchase the highest quality CO2 inflator product.

pro bike tool co2 inflator

3. Pro bike tool

Pro Bike Tool was born in 2015 when founder Chris left the safety and security of corporate life to follow his passion for cycling.

Chris has great faith in the entrepreneurial world and is committed to building a business that produces tools of the highest specification, the value of which makes them accessible to all riders.

Pro Bike Tool has two versions of the CO2 Inflator. Their inflator with cartridge storage can inflate your bike tires quickly and reliably. The aluminum casing makes it very durable and protects your hands from frostbite. The Pro Bike TOOL CO2 Inflator releases co2 accurately with a joystick, making it easier to control than a screw-cap switch. There is a small cartridge for storage, safe and zero leakage.

The Pro Bike Tool CO2 tire inflator can be said to have no disadvantages except that it is only suitable for threading CO2 cartridges.

topeak tubi master

4. Topeak

Topeak is a Taiwanese company founded in 1991 that has grown into one of the world's largest bicycle accessories manufacturers. In almost every category, Topeak is a reference for creativity, utility, performance and innovation. The company often wins awards for its product design.

Topeak Tubi Master is a multi-functional CO2 bike tire inflator that not only has the ability to inflate, but also comes with a tire glue knife, sawtooth knife and plug insertion tool. These tools can be used with the tire plug to help you repair the tubeless tire. In addition, the inflator is equipped with a safety lock for storing CO2 cartridges, which can be inflated safely by pulling out during use.

Without a doubt, Topeak TUBI MASTER is the most fully featured and can give you the best experience regardless of money.

crank brothers co2 inflator

5. Crankbrothers

Crankbrothers has grown from humble beginnings in a Laguna Beach garage since 1997 to a world-renowned leading brand of pedals, wheels, drip strings, pumps, tools and accessories.

Crank Brothers CO2 Inflator Cigar Tool Plug Kit is a versatile CO2 inflator that comes with a Plug and 5 Plug for easy repair of tubeless tires. And after filling the tire plug, the tire can be inflated by simple assembly using CO2 ink cartridges. But to be lighter, the Cigar Tool Plug Kit has simplified the inflatable function. It doesn't have a condom, so you need to buy one separately.

Alizee Gas's CO2 cylinders are manufactured using a food-grade CO2 process. Gas pure and clean - Our cylinders contain no additives and oils that could clog your CO2 inflatable nose or tire valve stem. Not all CO2 cartridges can declare the same thing.

If you are in the CO2 cartridge sales or bicycle sales industry and are looking for a stable CO2 cartridge supplier, Alizee Gas will give you the best service and quality!

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