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The advantage of CO2 Bike Inflator and Bike lovers list of items
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The advantage of CO2 Bike Inflator and Bike lovers list of items

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The advantage of CO2 Bike Inflator and Bike lovers list of items

Are you going for a long bike ride?

Do you know which bikes are suitable for cycling?

Have you got everything you need for cycling?

Nowadays, at the fast pace of city life, cycling exercise with good friends can be a good way to relieve stress. However, in order to have a safe and enjoyable cycling experience, some essential equipment is indispensable. Here are some essential items for a long distance cycling trip.

The main types of bicycles

Acrono brand all-around mountain bikes

Bicycles are mainly divided into mountain bikes, road bikes and folding bikes. Mountain bikes are the most popular, because such as "Acrono" brand all-around mountain bikes, with high hardness, flexible walking and so on, good tire cushioning and anti-seismic performance, can handle flat roads, downhill, dirt road, windward and other complex road conditions and weather. That's why most bikers take it with them when they go on cross-country trips. Compared with it, the road car is more suitable for Mercedes Benz on the flat road, driving fast, the advantage of folding a bicycle is convenient to carry. In addition, it is recommended that people buy bicycles from big brands in major bicycle shops.

List of Cycling Items

16G Threaded CO2 Cartridge and a dedicated CO2 Bike Tire Inflator

1, the most important point is the tire inflating and repair tools: in the process of going out riding, especially in the process of wild cross-country riding, if the tire is accidentally punctured, it will make your good mood instantly disappear. While portable air cylinders have become a necessity for long-distance cyclists, trying to fully fill a tyre with them is time-consuming, laborious and, in some cases, physically wasteful. So using portable carbon dioxide cylinders to inflate the tyres is the best option.

Take the Lezyne cylinder for example, a 16G Threaded CO2 Cartridge and a dedicated CO2 Bike Tire Inflator, with a total weight of 80g. Plus, a bottle of weight that can inflate 700 C road bike tires to 120 PSI tire pressure.

While two 16G Threaded CO2 cartridges weigh the same as some high-end portable air cylinders, Moreover, the number of inflating times is not as good as that of portable air cylinder, but only in terms of the speed and convenience of inflating bicycle tires, the 16G Threaded CO2 Cartridge has a huge advantage.

bicycle package

2. Ride backpack or belt pack: there are no special provisions for the backpack, which is mainly used to store the necessary items during the cycling process (such as locks, survival guard, lighters, raincoats, province maps along the way, headlights or lamps and other items). It can meet the needs, and no special requirements are made.


3. External medication (band-aid, medical tape), cold medicine (cold capsule), anti-inflammatory medicine (cephalexin), dysentery medicine (PPA, berberine), antiheat medicine (salt supplement, Huoxiangzhengqi water, cooling oil, wind oil essence) and sunscreen.

4, a small amount of food, sugar, 2 liters of water, toiletries.

5. Helmet, gloves, cycling clothes (at least one pair of cycling pants with pads), sandals, watches. It should be noted that if cycling clothes are not available, especially cycling pants, you can wear stretch leggings and sprinkle some talcum powder on them before riding to keep them comfortable. If you don't mind the trouble, it is recommended to buy a set of cycling clothes. Here we recommend the cycling clothes of ACRONO cycling equipment home, which is made of fleece-holding Lycra fabric, so it has the functions of warmth, fast drying, breathable, etc., which can greatly improve the riding comfort of cycling enthusiasts.

Cycling equipment

6. Cycling glasses. If the accommodation and hygiene conditions along the way are good, myopic people can wear contact lenses + cycling sunglasses.

To sum up, the list of cycling equipment can be complicated and miscellaneous. If you're just going for a short ride, it's cheaper to rent cycling equipment. If you want to experience outdoor cycling for a long time, then you need to buy some cycling equipment, after all, whether the cycling equipment has a great impact on the comfort of the whole journey.

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