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How to use cryopen
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How to use cryopen

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How to use cryopen

Liquid nitrogen freckle pen for freckles, age spots have a good effect, but if the use of improper will also cause pigment reflux or even scar, the following, introduce the use of liquid nitrogen freckle pen.

The first step is to prepare the following tools and raw materials:


2. cotton swabs

3. Benzalkonium chloride for disinfection

Once you're ready, follow these steps to start using it:

1. Cleaning: Remove makeup, dirt and excess oil from the skin surface with makeup remover and cleansing products.

2. Skin disinfection: use iodovolt or Benzalkonium chloride for disinfection, can also use 75% medical alcohol for disinfection.

3. Take photos and record, and fill in the informed consent to inform customers of the possible situation, the treatment process, the time of recovery, the key points of post-care and matters needing attention.

4. Injured area mark: use special marker to mark the part that needs to be treated for convenience of treatment.

5. Treatment: Apply liquid nitrogen freezer pen or cotton swab dipped in liquid nitrogen and dry ice to compress and freeze the affected area. After freezing, press with finger to quickly restore the temperature.

6. Antiinfection treatment: small wounds do not need anti-infection treatment, and large wounds need antibiotic ointment for anti-infection treatment.

Considerations for using cryopen:

- Strict requirements on the skills of operators. Before surgery, be sure to ask the client if they have a scar, or if they have taken any medications recently,Avoid menstruation.

- A small amount of multiple operations, each cryotherapy is shallow rather than deep, especially for beginners, do not operate too large area of disease damage, and do not freeze for too long to avoid damage to the dermal collagen layer scar and color.

- Quickly restore temperature with finger within 3 seconds after freezing. Only a strong temperature difference will cause melanocytes to collapse and prevent damage to normal tissue.

- Multiple operations are recommended for large area affected to avoid adverse reactions caused by excessive operation area at one time.

- Do not use irritating cleaning products to clean the skin after cryotherapy. Try to keep the wound exposed and avoid the wound when applying cosmetics. After scab do not uncover scab skin artificially, wait for scab skin to fall off naturally.

- Do a good job of sun protection after the scab falls off to prevent pigment precipitation and pigment reflux.

- If pigment reflux or pigmentation occurs, hydroquinone cream can be applied topically. Local use at night, usually no more than 2 months. Prevent to leave scar, Early can use growth factor ointment or growth factor repair agent for repair. Excessive freezing will appear blisters, iodine volt immediately after disinfection with Centella asiatica glycoside cream and Yi Fu gel daub, twice a day morning and evening use, prevent scar.

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