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6 Do's and Don 'ts for Cryopen Removal of Nevus so you don't leave a mark on your face
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6 Do's and Don 'ts for Cryopen Removal of Nevus so you don't leave a mark on your face

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6 Do's and Don 'ts for Cryopen Removal of Nevus so you don't leave a mark on your face

The beauty mark on Marilyn Monroe's face attracted millions of fans, and many people still paint a black Nevus on their face to imitate Marilyn Monroe. Affected by this, Beauty mark has also become a fashion symbol. Many stars have also performed a variety of Nevus makeup, often embellished various shapes of Beauty mark on the face. This little detail is memorable.

Marilyn Monroe

However, in ancient Chinese culture, Nevus on the face was only used to represent good luck in a few places, such as Yintang, eyebrows, under the mouth and on the ears. Other places mostly represent bad luck. Only the Removal of Nevus can obtain psychological comfort. The principle of Removal of Nevus is not complicated. This is done by using CryOpen's liquid nitrogen freezing technology to remove melanin from the skin. The cut was minor, but the skin was damaged. But if it's not taken care of properly, it can leave a mark. I want to share with you six things you should be aware of after the Removal of Nevus.

Facial cleanness

1. avoid flooding: after the Removal of Nevus, keep the Removal of Nevus area clean and dry. When you wash your face, don't let the water soak into the wound. If you accidentally get wet, blot it dry with a paper towel. Also pay attention to a point, do not contact water vapor, so as not to scab is softened, fall off in advance.

Dont touch scab

2. Don't touch scab: After removal of Nevus, the skin surface forms a hard protective layer, which is scab. After about 1 ~ 2 weeks, the scab will fall off by itself. Some girls feel that the scab on the face affected their appearance, touching the scabby skin with the hand, so that the inside of the new skin premature exposure to the outside, is not conducive to the normal recovery of the wound.

pay attention to sun protection

3. pay attention to sun protection: after the scab is completely off, the skin is still tender, will show a red mark, it takes three months to return to normal skin color.If the sun shines directly on it, the red mark will be hard to dissipate and can even aggravate the color.Therefore, go out to do a good job in sun protection, such as: wear a hat, mask, umbrella, sun protection clothes.

Stop using cosmetics

4. Stop using cosmetics: cosmetics, skin care products, facial masks, etc.Avoid the location of Removal of Nevus. If the dry powder, eye shadow, eyebrow powder and so on are adhered to the Removal of Nevus site, you can use normal saline to gently rub it. Be careful not to apply too much force, in order not to destroy the scab on the skin surface, which is not conducive to skin healing.


5. diet: to control your mouth: this period or to avoid eating spicy food, eating less seafood, less smoking, drinking, so as not to stimulate the skin, the skin allergy. To reduce pigmentation, eat less soy sauce for three months. Eat more foods containing vitamin C, such as fresh dates, kiwi fruit and other high content of vitamin C.

Regular life, paying attention to rest

6. Regular life, paying attention to rest: staying up late is bad for skin and health. We often talk about it. But it is difficult for young girls to go to bed early and get up early, which will not only affect the healing of the wound, but also cause dark circles under their eyes. It is suggested that even if Nevus is not removed, he should develop good sleeping habits.

Removal of Nevus

The above 6 points are the matters to pay attention to after the Removal of Nevus. Although the removal of Nevus is a small matter, it is a great event related to beauty. If the removal of Nevus is followed by careful care, the skin will not be marked three months later.

Finally, there is an important question. Is the Removal of Nevus cleaner as it goes deeper? Many girls found the "black mark" under Nevus when they were removed from Nevus, so they repeatedly asked the doctor to continue to remove the "black mark". As a result, the Nevus pit area became larger and deeper, but it was difficult to recover. In this case, don't be hasty, wait until the wound is completely healed, then re-remove. If the black Nevus root is too deep, to the inner layer of the skin, do not forcibly remove, so as not to leave scars, the gain outweighs the loss.

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