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Mosa Pro Max 615g N2O Cylinder Cream Charger Wholesale - Food Grade Nitrous Oxide(Free Nozzle)


Export the best Mosa Pro Max 615g N2O Cylinder! Factory Direct Price Wholesale Mosa Tanks, Supports free OEM cylinder Appearance and Packaging!

Each Mosa Pro Max Cream Charger disposable Tank contains 615g of pure food-grade nitrous oxide. is designed to maximize efficiency of large scale users, it equals more than 80 8g cream chargers.
All cylinders are equipped free with pressure relief nozzles to fully release gas for easy recovery!

Best quotation for Alizee wholesaler: $9.5 / piece! - $5.4 / piece!

Please contact us for more discounts!


  • 615g

  • MOSA / OEM

  • Carbon steel

  • Food grade nitrous oxide (99.99%)

  • Cream foaming, making milkshake, and other cream products

  • CE/ISO

  • Recyclable (note: dispose of empty bottles only!)

  • JiangSu, China

  • MOQ:432 PCS

  • $9.5 - $5.4 / Piece!


Product Features

Mosa Pro Max 615g N2O Cream Charger

The Mosa pro Max 615 Gram tank contains a lot of E942 Food grade nitrous oxide.  The advantages of being more efficient  and safe than the traditional 8G cream charger!

- Mosa pro max is more effective and takes only half the time for Cream Whippers.

- Mosa 615g N2O Cylinder = 80 Common Cream Charger to solve the problem of gas waste at the bottom of traditional Cream Charger.

- Quality is the most important! The Mosa pro Max has been pressure-tested at 180 bar, is 100% leak-free,  can be safely transported and used safely restaurants, bars, cafes, and commercial kitchens.

- By using the help of this culinary tool you can prepare all kinds of drinks and dishes,  from classic whipped cream to desserts, Espumas or N2O infused cocktails.

- After purity testing, Mosa 615g N2O Cylinder can contain pure 615g - E942 food grade N2O, guaranteed to be free of oil residues or industrial aftertaste.

- Made of 100% recyclable steel.

- It is universal to all whipped cream charger dispensers.

MOSA Pro-Max 615g Cream Charger

Our Cooperative Advantage

Alizee Gas was also a distributor at first, and we understand what kind of collaboration is beneficial!


Money safe1. Capital security

After you place the order, we will make a purchase contract. You only need to pay 30% advance payment. We will start to prepare the goods for you. When the goods are ready, we will take pictures for you. When you pay the remaining 70% balance payment, we will arrange the shipment immediately! We will provide the shipping documents for you after the goods are shipped. You can check the real-time transportation on the shipping company's official website!

Manufacturing experience2. Manufacturing experience

Alizee Gas engaged in the manufacture of Cream Chargers and has a rich history as original equipment manufacturerfor internationally renowned brands such as MOSA, etc. Our products meet the testing standards of many countries. We strictly choose raw materials, strictly process, test, clean, to ensure the quality of products. Our Cream Chargers are suitable for almost all Cream Dispenser.

Customer service commissioner3. Customer service commissioner

Alizee Gas has 18 professionally trained sales specialist and 21 After-sales Service Specialist, and we continue to expand our customer service team!

Once you join Alizee Gas, we will One-to-One professionalService.

Shipping logistics4. logistics

Alizee Gas has worked with more than 10 shipping companies over the years and has a long-termrelations of cooperation.

We can ship goods to all over of the world!

For each booking space, We will choose the ship whose shipping date is the earliest and whose shipping time is the shortest. This ensures efficient work and transportation.

Order to push5. Distribution advantage

We have two highly ranked shops in Alibaba, to ensure the safety of your funds! And buy now and you'll get our order help plan for free! We will arrange a one-to-one customer manager to push the order to your location! Give it a try and you will find that your wholesale Mosa Cream charger will soon sell out!

Global distributor.JPG

Our Corporate Mission

Alizee Gas always believe that the interests of the distributor = the interests of the factory

You just need it! I just happen to be professional!