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Nitrogen Beer Gas Cartridge N2 Co2 Mixture Gas Cylinder Wholesale - Free OEM/ODM

Export High Quality Beer Gas Cartridge
Product specifications and N2 and CO2 ratios can be customized according to requirements
(Typcally 30% CO2 / 70% N2 (30/70) Or 40/60, 55/45, 75/25 ).
  • Custom

  • ODM / OEM

  • Carbon steel

  • Carbon dioxide + Nitrogen

  • Pressurized Beer Growler

  • CE / ISO

  • Recyclable (note: dispose of empty bottles only!)

  • JiangSu, China

  • MOQ:5000 PCS



Brand Advantage

Alizee has about 10 years history of cylinder production and management , ‘Low price, high quality products and efficient output’ are always  the business philosophy of Alizee. Alizee is committed to serving global wholesalers and providing customers with more convenient and efficient services. Welcome to join Alizee!

Airbag Co2 Cartridge

Product Advantage

Nitrogen Beer Gas Cartridge N2 Co2 Mixture Gas

All carbon dioxide cartridges we produce are food grade cartridges.

Each cartridge is 99.9% pure using food-grade CO2

Processing technology: Steam cleaning of cylinder interior

We are also a supplier in the supply system of MACVAD Group and YUNYUAN(HK)TRADINGCO. ,LIMITED, and have handled and accepted the ISO quality management system.


Which gas is best for brewing beer?

The type of gas used to dispense beer from kegs is CO2 or a mixture of CO2 and N2,  commonly known as beer gas (usually 70% N2/30% CO2 (70/30) or 60/40).

70% N2/30% CO2 drinks dispense gas ideal for ales and stouts. 

40% N2/60% CO2 drinks dispense ideal for lagers and ciders.

Is nitrogen or CO2 better for beer? 

This has some noticeable effects on the appearance and mouth-feel of the beer. The nitrogen bubbles produce a substantial and long-lasting head and create a smoother and creamier mouth-feel than CO2, especially in stouts and porters.