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Mini Scuba Tank Empty Aluminum Diving Cylinder Wholesale | 0.5L-1L

Diving Equipment
Provides superior corrosion resistance and reliable performance in the most demanding underwater environments, improving durability, fracture toughness, and resistance to cracks and tears, even under long-term high pressures.
Product Parameters
Material: aviation aluminum
Height: 29 cm/11.42 inches
Weight: 700g
Diameter: 5.7 cm
Specifications: 0.5L
Maximum Pressure: 3000PSI / 200BAR / 20MPA
Can last up to 60 breaths
Available Diving Time: 5-10 minutes (about 170 times based on 0.5 liters/one breath)
Available time at different depths: 1-3m/about 8-10 minutes, 3-7m/about 6-8 minutes, 7-10m/about 5-6 minutes
Breathing Valve Thread: M18×1.5
Color: OEM 
Surface Treatment: hard oxidation and spraying, seawater corrosion resistance for more than 500 hours
  • 0.5L / 0.75L / 1L

  • OEM / ODM

  • Aviation aluminum

  • No Gas

  • Used for diving practice / underwater exploration / aquatic fishing

  • CE / ISO

  • M18×1.5 Thread

  • JiangSu, China

  • MOQ:500 PCS


0.5L mini diving cylinder

About Alizee

Alizee has about 10 years history of cylinder production and management.It is the High pressure special gas aluminum cylinder manufacturer of China cutting edge.

‘Low price, high quality products and efficient output’ are always the business philosophy of Alizee. Alizee is committed to serving global wholesalers and providing customers with more convenient and efficient services. Welcome to join Alizee!

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mini Diving Tanks

Mini Scuba Tank Features:

Refillable via SCUBA tank, submersible compressor, SCORKL hand pump

- Plastic spray. Strong, wear-resistant and durable.

- High-pressure gas storage, sturdy and durable, resistant to seawater corrosion.

- Provides life-saving air needed to escape from a downed aircraft or rolling vehicle in the water.

- Suitable for all possible water emergencies around helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, seaplanes, ships and vehicles.

- Protect personnel from dangerous and lethal toxic gases caused by fire or smoke.

- Easy to carry on water, weightless underwater

- Compact and portable, lightweight and easy to carry.

- Dive and breathe underwater with total freedom.

- Made of 6061 aviation aluminum material, it complies with diving equipment manufacturing standards.