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FastGas Strawberry Nitrous Oxide 2000g / 3.3L N2O Cylinder


Factory Direct Price Wholesale The Fastgas Strawberry 2000g N2O Cylinder!

Each Fatgas N2O Cylinder contains 2000G of pure high quality E942 Strawberry Flavor Food-Grade Nitrous Oxide, allowing you to charge a cream dispenser quickly and easily in a row. All cylinders are equipped with pressure release nozzles for full release of gas for easy recovery, environmentally friendly!

Best quotation for Alizee wholesaler: $15.7 - $14.7 / Piece!

Please contact us for more discounts!

Global Wholesale:
Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, the UK, Norway, Nigeria, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Mexico, US and other countries can be shipped.


  • 2000g / 3.3L

  • Fastgas

  • Carbon steel

  • Food grade nitrous oxide (99.99%)

  • Cream foaming, making milkshake, and other cream products

  • CE/ISO

  • Recyclable (note: dispose of empty bottles only!)

  • JiangSu, China

  • MOQ:1900 PCS

  • $15.5 - $14.5 / PCS


Product Features

Fastgas Strawberry 2000g N2O Tank

Fastgas Strawberry 2000g Cream Charger is a new type of recyclable carbon steel Canisters. Canisters contain 2000g food grade nitrous oxide, which makes it easy to use in the kitchen or at parties

- Is more effective and takes only half the time to whip.
- Our Nitrous Oxide whipped cream dispenser charger is made of premium stainless steel, making it leak-proof and durable enough to withstand years of activity.      Each of our Nitrous Oxide chargers is precisely filled with 2000 grams of pure N2O gas 

- Quality is the most important! Has been pressure-tested at 165 bar, is 100% leak-free, can be safely transported and used safely in kitchens and bars.
- After purity testing, Can contains pure food grade N2O, guaranteed to be free of oil residues or industrial aftertaste.
- Made of 100% recyclable steel.
- It is universal to all whipped cream charger dispensers.
- We produce Fastgas 2000g charger canister with 2000g N2O cylinder (Passion Fruit) conforms with Manufacturing International Standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 9002, so you can be sure that it is of outstanding quality.


Professional Design Team

We have a professional design team and fruit molecule debugging personnel, and have the ability to provide you with brand customization services and flavor customization for free! only need toprovide the logo and your ideas, we will complete the sample within2 days.

Professional Customer Service

With Alizee Gas, you will have a professional account managerworking with you one-on-one

After-Sales Service

After production, our products will undergo a leak test by aprofessional department. The probability of a slight air leak is 0.1%.If the gas capacity is found to be less than 80%, we willcompensate three times the purchase cost and promise to provide adiscount in the next purchase order.

No Surprises

Buy directly from the manufacturer at a low price, no middlemen

China's leading Producer

10 years of production experience, all major B2B platforms haveofficial certified stores. 

- Gas Purity Detection(Inspection certificate

All N20 products from Alizee Gas are filledusing nitrous oxide decomposed by heating ammonium nitrate asraw material and refuse the use of waste gas extraction.After purity testing, Can contains pure food grade N2O, guaranteed to be free of oil residues or industrial aftertaste.

- Cylinder Cleaning(Device video

Use professional equipment to clean six times before filling, to ensure that there is no oil residue in the cylinder, to ensure your health and safety

Protect Your Funds

Formal bank payment channels, only 30% deposit is required tostart the order production, you can come to the factory at any timeor check the production progress through video calis.

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Our Corporate Mission

Alizee Gas always believe that the interests of the distributor = the interests of the factory

You just need it! I just happen to be professional!