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Factory Export Wholesale Smartwhip 640g Aluminium Cylinder Cream Charger - Blueberry Flavor N2O (Free Silencer Nozzle)

Alizee Quotes for Distributor: $10 - $8.7 / Piece!
Please contact us for further discounts!
Manufacturer Wholesale exports high quality Smartwhip 640g Aluminium Cylinder Cream Charger - Blueberry Flavor N2O.

Made of 100% aluminum, it solves the problems of rusty cylinders, flavor transfer.

Each cylinder comes with a Muffler Plastic Nozzle.
Global Wholesale:
US, UK, Denmark, Ireland, France, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Nigeria, South Africa, Australia, Spain, Germany and other countries can be shipped.
  • 640g

  • Smartwhip

  • Aluminum

  • Food grade nitrous oxide (99.99%) + Edible Blueberry Flavor Molecules

  • Cream foaming, making milkshake, and other cream products

  • CE/ISO

  • Recyclable (note: dispose of empty bottles only!)

  • JiangSu, China

  • MOQ:4320 PCS

  • $10 - $8.7 / Piece!


Brand advantage

Alizee has about 10 years history of cylinder production and management ,‘Low price,high quality products and efficient output’are always the business philosophy of Alizee. Alizee is committed to serving global wholesalers and providing customers with more convenient and efficient services. Welcome to join Alizee!

Alizee Gas plant advantage

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Product advantage

Smartwhip 640g Aluminium Cylinder Blueberry Flavor N2O

The New 640g Aluminium Cylinder Flavor N2O released by Smartwhip is available in three different flavors: watermelon, strawberry and blueberry. Using 99.99% Purity E942 Food grade nitrous oxide and edible fruity flavor molecules mixed production, after professionals carefully adjust the ratio.

The aluminum alloy cylinder ensures that the gas does not mix with any industrial oil or rust smell, and is 50% lighter than carbon steel, allowing you to easily enjoy the purest fruit flavor N2O.

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Our Corporate Mission

Alizee Gas always believe that the interests of the distributor = the interests of the factory

You just need it! I just happen to be professional!