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Crosman 12 Gram Co2 Powerlets, Bulk
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Crosman 12 Gram Co2 Powerlets, Bulk

Alizee quotes for Distributor:$0.165/Pieces - $0.38/Pieces Please contact us for further discounts
  • 12g
  • Crosman
  • Carbon steel
  • Carbon dioxide (99.99%)
  • air rifles and air pistols accessories (pressure)
  • CE/ISO
  • Recyclable (note: dispose of empty bottles only!)
  • JiangSu, China
  • 500 PCS/Box
  • $ 0.165

Brand advantage

Alizee Gas is engaged in manufacturing 12g co2 cartridges with rich historical experience, as the Agent processing plant for Gamo CO2 cylinder, Crosma powerlet cartridges and other internationally renowned brand products.Our products comply with the testing standards of many countries, and strictly implement the purchase of raw materials, strict processing, testing, cleaning, to ensure product quality.The CO2 cylinder produced by us is almost applicable to all CO2 gas powered air guns.

We have partners in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia, India, the UK, Norway and other countries.

Alizee has about 10 years history of cylinder production and management , ‘Low price, high quality products and efficient output’ are always  the business philosophy of Alizee. Alizee is committed to serving global wholesalers and providing customers with more convenient and efficient services. Welcome to join Alizee! 

The product features

Crosman 12G Co2 Powerlets

- The Crosman Powerlet 12G CO2 cartridge fits almost all air rifles/air pistols.are the best choice for BB Shooting sports enthusiasts.

- Disposable 12g co2 capsules.non-reuse

- Three ultrasonic cleaning process, cartridge does not contain any impurities

- CO2 cartridges contain pure, oil-free carbon dioxide, so for every five cartridges you use, put one drop of silicone oil on top to protect your CO2 gun

- Provides tight fit and stable consistent performance in target range or field, 100% leak-free.

- Enough gas pressure, no duds

- CO2 bullets have been tested for thermal explosion safety and 100% will not explode during use.

Product advantage

The Crosman Brothers brand was founded in 1924. In 1930, "Crosman Brothers" introduced the first CO2 cartridge. In 1954, a 12-gram CO2 cartridge named "Powerlet" was developed. The 12 Gram Powerlet, which carried CO2 and a small amount of lubricating oil to maintain airgun seal conditions and long performance life. A long history of research and development experience makes Crosman brand CO2 cartridges have higher compatibility and safety than most CO2 cartridges on the market, almost all air gun manufacturers and air gun enthusiasts to today!


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